Harley "Jester" Quinn

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Harley "Jester" Quinn
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of birth 10:10:12 (33 years old)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 2.03 metres
Weight 125 kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye colorOne Brown, one mechanical (Red)
Distinguishing features Left half of face covered by plasteel half-mask, covering severe scarring
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Commodore
Titles RS Operations Officer, Redemption Fleet CO

Rear Admiral Harley Quinn, Lancer 9, has served in the RS for a long time.

Rear Admiral Harley Quinn, affectionately known by his callsign "Jester", is an important member of the RS that has held many positions in his long tenure in the service. He is currently Redemption Fleet CO and RS Operations Officer. He still considers himself a Wildcard first, foremost and for life, regardless of the current operational status of that unit.

Fictional History

Coruscant was a dump. Boring, and cold and sterile. At least thats what I thought. Most tourists you saw wandering around oohed and aahhed at the deep, man-made canyons and the buildings that scraped the stars. But I was born and raised there, and at 15 I was as jaded as the come.

My only enjoyment came from code-slicing. I sliced anything I could find, from personnel records to shipping manifests. Nothing malicious, just enough for them to know someone had been there. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I was good, good enough to help my father at the Flight-Sim constuction plant he worked at on the border of Invisec.

Dad did low level sim programming, pretty regulation stuff, but he let me help out whenever I was there, which as it turned out was quite a bit. In between periods of helping my old man, I usually wandered the factory floor, talking to the various beings that I had made friends with. They were good people and I hated the way they were treated by some of the human supervisors at the plant. Treated as though they were inferior, not as good as humans, somehow less intelligent just because they weren't human.

My father felt the same way I did and I guess thats what got him in trouble in the end. I got home on afternoon to find stormtroopers crawling all over our building. I didn't know what was going on, but if the stormies were here, it had to be something big. When I got to my floor I saw the stormtroopers hauling my parents away in binders. I wanted to help, to jump in and make them stop, but my father saw me before the troopers did and gave me a little shake of his head. He knew what I was thinking and knew that it would do no good. So I ducked back around the corner before the stormies could spot me.

That was the last time I saw my parents. I went and hid in Invisec with some freinds I had made at the plant and proceeded to slice every file I could find to discover what had happened to my parents. I eventually learned that they had been executed for having "suspected rebel leanings" whatever the hell that meant. I also found out that my fathers supervisor at the plant had turned them in. My parents had never hurt anyone, my fathers only crime seemed to have been caring about the aliens that had worked under him. In that moment I realised that the Empire was truely evil. To execute a man for caring about others was just wrong and I had to make them pay.

I started with the man directly responsible, my fathers supervisor. It was easy to slice into his personal log and add a few lines that made him out to be the rebel sympathiser, that he turned my father in because dad was about to expose him. I followed this with a anonymous tip-off to the police and that was that. He was carted off in binders, just like my parents and, just like my parents, he was executed. It didn't bring my parents back, but it made me feel a damn sight better.

After that I was hooked. Burning the imperial regime became my obsession. Terrorist slicing became my job, my life. I sliced shipping manifests so that the food and medicine they were carrying got delivered to Invisec, where it was really needed. I sliced flight plans for imperial transports so that they ended up crashing into the planetary shield and I sliced personnel files resulting in the execution of a half dozen or so middle level imperial officials.

I always figured I would get caught eventually, so the mid-night knock on my door on night came as no surprise. What was a surprise however, was the fact that it wasn't the Imps at my door, but two men in civvies who bundled me into a groundcar and drove me deeper into Invisec than even I had been. On the way they told me how they found me, how long it had taken them and who they worked for. They were Rebel Intelligence and they were offering me a job. Which I took. After all, if I wanted to do the most damage to the Imps the Rebellion was the place to be. So they shipped me off planet and had me slicing code looking for all sorts of irregularities in accounts and project budgets.

Important work to be sure, but it wasn't the sort of direct action I wanted to take. I wanted to be in the middle of it, making the imps pay by my own actions. So I transfered to the Rebel Squadrons, learned to fly, and how to kill a man with my bare hands. I'm sticking it to the imps big time now and I guess i'm happy. But I still miss my parents, and I still wonder occassionally, about what might have been.

Real Life

Back in the real world, Harley Quinn is really an 30-something slave trader from Auckland, New Zealand. A dedicated husband and father of 3, he also enjoys playing Squash and belongs to the Dawn of War clan New World Order.

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