Haven (XQ2)

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XQ2 Space Platform.jpg
Production information
Class XQ2 Space Platform
Technical specifications
Length 884 meters
Width 1,001 meters
Height/depth 240 meters
Shielding 2560 SBD
Hull 1216 RU
Earliest sighting IBG 306
Destroyed IBG 306
Present for battles/events IBG 306
Affiliation Rolian Fanatics

Rolian Fanatics base.


Discovered and assaulted by Republic Shield forces led by the Strike Frigate Idiot's Array, who tracked the hyper vector of the Rolian Fanatics patrol craft Karma, which had led Imperial forces to the Republic Shield convoy massacred en route to the fleet buildup. Defences co-ordinated by the Dreadnaught Redeemer. Briefly defended by the Imperial Star Destroyer Bastion’s forces, which covered the vessel’s withdrawal from the system, its business with the Rolian Fanatics and the station seemingly completed. Republic Shield forces from the Strike Frigate Idiot’s Array probed the station’s defences and transmitted sensor data back to the Idiot’s Array and its support ships, which entered the system soon after to directly engage the station and its defence force. The Rolian Fanatics defence forces were not able to repel the Republic Shield attacking force, and were all destroyed. The station, too, fell in the battle. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (IBG306)


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