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Getting started

First, you should get an account.

It's easy to edit the wiki; the code is very simple. Click "edit" or "view source" on any page to see how that page was done. If you want a full list of commands, visit Help:Editing.

Creating new pages

If you want to create a new page:

  1. Type the exact name of your page into the search box on the left.
  2. Click "Go".
  3. Click on the "this exact title" link to create the new page.
  4. Use the "Show preview" function below the edit window before you save your page.

Alternate method

Another way to create a new page:

  1. edit this page by clicking "edit" above
  2. make a link below to the page you want to create with brackets, like this: [[Page I want to make]]
  3. click Save page
  4. click on the link you made, and edit!

New pages

Cody Qel-Droma Alec Jaggers Milanda Nietku Brig Dolaree

Page titles

  • Use Full RS name for the page titles of people, instead of Rank Name, because ranks often change (at least, we can hope!).

Article format

Articles on topics which exist due to in-universe creation and usage should be treated from that perspective; this includes topics such as planets, ships, and secondary characters (such as NPCs, non-primary ABG or Zealot characters, etc.). Any out-of-character information about these topics should be relegated to a "Out of Character" or "Behind the Scenes" section at the bottom of the article.

Articles on topics which are relevant out-of-universe should be treated on an individual basis, decided upon by the RSLO and the main contributors to those articles. Often, the OOC information will be listed above the IC information. Examples include primary characters (which may include RS career information, RL info, etc.), organizational material such as bylaws and merits, and game information. Where possible, the OOC information should be incorporated into the IC portion of the article, but separate OOC sections will likely be needed.

For further assistance, please see the Wookieepedia Manual of Style.

Advanced editing

Peruse for examples of advanced editing.

Help Articles


Character infoboxes

Character infoboxes are used to display character information in a graphical, point form format. The template Template:Member infobox can be used to display both Real Life and Fictional information about yourself and your character, while Template:New Republic character infobox can be used to display purely fictional data pertaining to your character.

Ship infoboxes

Pages which display information about starships from the various tours of the Rebel Squadrons or personal starfighters which belong to your character can make use of an infobox which will display a picture and various component information. There are a variety of templates available at Ship Templates for your use. An example of a starship page can be seen at Ad Astra while an example of a personal starfighter page can be seen at Cheap Trick or Colonel (A-wing).