Hermus Dogan

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Member Profile
Hermus Dogan
Career Information
Callsign Annihilator
Full RS Name Hermus Dogan
A.K.A. Annihilator, Dogan, EBM
Rank Commander
Join April 2001
Current Status Active
Current Station MC80a Star Cruiser McGrath
Current Offices None
Current Command Positions
Past Positions of note
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Hosk Station
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 1.83 meters
Weight 102 kg
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown/Gray
Distinguishing features Old blaster burn scar on right arm from knuckles to elbow.
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location United States

Brigadier General Hermus Dogan has served in the RS since April 2001, and was originally known as Annihilator. He flew several missions during PBF Tours 3 and 4 as a member of Sabre Squadron and additional missions as a member of Lanvarok Squadron during Operation Lanvarok (PBF). After an extended leave of absence, Dogan returned to active duty. He is currently CO of Wildcard Squadron.

Biography (Fictional)

Due to size, the fictional biography has been moved here.

The Real Deal (Real Life)

In real Rebel Squadrons history, I was originally called Annihilator. As a big fan of X-Wing and seeking more enjoyment from the aging game, I joined the RS in April 2001. I rapidly cruised through the academy under the wing of Gabrich Varmer before being placed in Sabre Squadron, Rapier Flight, as Sabre 11. CMDR Joseph Oberlander was CO of Sabre at the time.

I flew several missions in PBF Tours 3 and 4, flew more missions in Operation Lanvarok (PBF) tours 4 and 5, wrote numerous narratives of questionable quality whether I flew or not, and remained active on and off until late 2003 when I faded into inactivity. I returned on April 1st, 2011, changed my RS name to Hermus Dogan to not be confused with the Star Destroyer Annihilator, and was placed into Gold Squadron. Go for the Gold! At the end of 2014 Gold brought in the members of Fireclaw for a merger to create Wildcard Squadron, where I currently reside as CO.



My first posting after the Academy in 2001. Remained in the squadron until sometime after I went inactive in later 2003.

At one point or another I was in all three flights of Sabre Squadron:

  • Sabre 11, Rapier Flight - 2001
  • Sabre 6, Katana Flight - 2002
  • Sabre 2, Scimitar Flight - 2003


Some of my squadmates from my time in Sabre:


As in Operation Lanvarok (PBF).

  • Lanvarok 11 - 2001-2002


I was without a squadron when I returned to active duty on April 1, 2011, but was soon assigned to Gold.

  • Gold 4 - April-November 2011
  • Gold 1 - November 28, 2011 - November 29, 2014 - Gold and Fireclaw merged to create Wildcard.


The squadron name chosen by its members for the merger.

  • Wildcard 1 - November 29, 2014 - Present

Miscellaneous Details

  • I can be quite lazy.
  • I'm almost always idling in IRC under the nickname EBM.
    • RS channels I haunt include #RS_Bar_and_Grill
  • I ramble far too much when it comes to writing.


Brigadier General - December 05, 2014

Colonel - July 01, 2014

Lieutenant Colonel - April 12, 2014

Commander - March 11, 2013

Lieutenant Commander - May 5, 2012

Major - February 25, 2012

Captain - September 19, 2011

First Lieutenant - June 25th, 2002

Second Lieutenant - May 2001 (estimated)

Lieutenant Junior Grade - April 2001 (estimated)

Cadet - April 2001 (estimated)

Medals and Merits

For a current list, go here.

Old or outdated medals:

~|¤|@|¤|~ Master Cadet with Honours Academy Medal
[[X~MRM~X]] X-Wing Academy Mission Report Medal - Awarded for OpLan 411 narrative
<<('-')>G>> Golden Goldfish - 1 goldfish 
~\|*G*|/~ Gab's Best Cadet Ever

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