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Page for notes, projects, experiments, and prototypes.

Ship Lists

Aimed towards the respective game pages (often in need of additional content). Also useful for ITOD planning and the like.

  • All four games include at least one type of buoy, mine, and satellite. Asteroids and planets are also available.
  • X-Wing is the only game without any stations.

Add pictures? Other info?

  • Infoboxes won't work; can't do more than one per page (without looking terrible).
    • Perhaps create individual pages for each craft, with an in-game picture from each game and any relevant info offered in the tech rooms?


Flyable Craft

  • R-22 Spearhead (A-Wing)
  • B-Wing
  • T-65B X-Wing
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing

Other Fighters

  • TIE Advanced x1
  • TIE/sa Bomber (TIE Bomber)
  • TIE/ln Starfighter (TIE Fighter)
  • TIE/In Interceptor (TIE Interceptor)
  • Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (Assault Gunboat)


Transports, Containers, & Other Craft

Unmanned Objects

  • Communications Satellite (COMSAT)
  • Navigation buoy
  • Mine Type A (Laser)

TIE Fighter

Flyable Craft

  • TIE/ad Starfighter (TIE Advanced)
  • TIE/sa Bomber (TIE Bomber)
  • TIE/ln Starfighter (TIE Fighter)
  • TIE/In Interceptor (TIE Interceptor)
  • Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (Assault Gunboat)
  • TIE/D Defender (TIE Defender)
  • Missile Boat

Other Fighters

  • RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor
  • B-Wing
  • T-65B X-Wing
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing
  • T-Wing Interceptor
  • Z-95 Headhunter
  • R-41 Starchaser


Unmanned Objects

  • Communications Satellite (COMSAT)
  • Navigation buoy
  • Mine Type A (Laser)
  • Mine Type B (Ion)
  • Mine Type C (Laser/Missile)

Transports & Other Craft


  • Class-A Container
  • Class-B Container
  • Class-C Container
  • Class-D Container
  • Class-E Container
  • Class-F Container
  • Class-G Container
  • Class-H Container
  • Class-I Container


  • XQ1 Platform
  • XQ2 Platform
  • XQ3 Platform
  • XQ4 Platform
  • XQ5 Platform
  • XQ6 Platform
  • Asteroid Research Station
  • Asteroid Laser Battery
  • Asteroid Warhead Launcher
  • X/7 Factory Station

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

10 Flyable Craft

  • RZ-1 A-Wing (A-W)
  • B-Wing (B-W) (BoP)
  • T-65C A2 X-Wing (X-W)
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing (Y-W)
  • Z-95 Headhunter (Z-95)
  • TIE/ad Starfighter (TIE Advanced, T/A)
  • TIE/sa Bomber (TIE Bomber, T/B)
  • TIE/ln Starfighter (TIE Fighter, T/F)
  • TIE/In Interceptor (TIE Interceptor, T/I)
  • Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (Assault Gunboat, GUN)

Other Fighters

  • T-Wing Interceptor (T/W)
  • R-41 Starchaser (R-41)

Stations & Emplacements

  • XQ1 Platform (PLT/1)
  • XQ2 Platform (PLT/2)
  • XQ3 Platform (PLT/3)
  • XQ4 Platform (PLT/4)
  • XQ5 Platform (PLT/5)
  • XQ6 Platform (PLT/6)
  • Asteroid Hangar (R&D FC)
  • Asteroid Laser Battery (LAS BAT)
  • Asteroid Warhead Launcher (W LNCHR)
  • Deep Space Manufacturing Facility (FAC/1)
  • Gun Emplacement (GPLT) (BoP)
  • Telgorn Shipyard (SHPYD) (BoP)
  • Telgorn Repair Yard (REPYD) (BoP)


Unmanned Objects

  • Communications Satellite (COMSAT)
  • Navigation Buoy (NAV 1)
  • Probe (PROBE)
  • Mine Type A (Laser)
  • Mine Type B (Ion)
  • Mine Type C (Laser/Missile)

Transports & Other Craft


  • Class-A Container (CN/A)
  • Class-B Container (CN/B)
  • Class-C Container (CN/C)
  • Class-D Container (CN/D)
  • Class-E Container (CN/E)
  • Class-F Container (CN/F)
  • Class-G Container (CN/G)
  • Class-H Container (CN/H)
  • Class-I Container (CN/I)

X-Wing Alliance

Flyable Craft

  • RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor
  • B-Wing
  • T-65B X-Wing
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing
  • TIE/ad Starfighter (TIE Avenger)
  • TIE/sa Bomber (TIE Bomber)
  • TIE/ln Starfighter (TIE Fighter)
  • TIE/In Interceptor (TIE Interceptor)
  • TIE/D Defender (TIE Defender)
  • Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (Assault Gunboat)
  • Missile Boat
  • T-Wing Interceptor
  • Z-95 Headhunter
  • R-41 Starchaser
  • Authority IRD
  • Toscan 8-Q Fighter
  • Cloakshape Fighter
  • Razor Fighter
  • Planetary Fighter
  • Preybird Fighter
  • Supa Fighter
  • Pinook Fighter
  • GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat
  • Firespray Attack Ship
  • Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship
  • YT-1300 (CORT)
  • Modified YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon)
  • YT-2000

Other Fighters

  • TIE Experimental M1
  • TIE Experimental M2
  • TIE Experimental M3
  • TIE Experimental M4
  • TIE Experimental M5


  • IPV-1 System Patrol Craft (SPC)
  • CR90 Corellian Corvette
  • Assassin-class Corvette (Modified Corvette)
  • DP-20 Gunship (Corellian Gunship)
  • EF76-B Nebulon-class Escort Frigate (Nebulon-B Frigate)
  • EF76-B2 Nebulon-class Escort Frigate (Nebulon-B2 Frigate/Modified Frigate)
  • Carrack-class Light Cruiser (Carrack Cruiser)
  • Strike-class Medium Cruiser (Strike Cruiser)
  • Escort Carrier
  • Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser (Dreadnaught)
  • Lancer-class frigate (Lancer Frigate)
  • Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser (Bulk Cruiser)
  • Assault-class Frigate (Assault Frigate)
  • Marauder-class Corvette (Marauder Corvette)
  • MC80a Star Cruiser
  • MC40a Light Star Cruiser
  • Immobilizer 418-class heavy cruiser (Interdictor Cruiser)
  • Victory I-class Star Destroyer (VSD I)
  • Victory II-class Star Destroyer (VSD II)
  • Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (ISD I)
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (ISD II)
  • Executor-class Star Dreadnaught (Super Star Destroyer)

Other Objects

  • Communications Satellite (3 types)
  • Mine Type A (Laser)
  • Mine Type B (Ion)
  • Mine Type C (Laser/Missile)
  • Sensor Array
  • Comm Relay
  • Probe
  • Probe Capsule
  • Buoy (2 types)
  • Hyper buoy
  • Rendezvous buoy
  • Asteroid Laser Battery
  • Asteroid Warhead Launcher
  • Gun Platform
  • Large Gun Emplacement
  • Large Gun/Warhead Emplacement
  • Laser Battery
  • Ion Battery
  • Homing Mine
  • Proximity Mine (2 types)

Transports & Other Craft

  • Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle (Shuttle)
  • Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle
  • Gamma-class assault shuttle
  • Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport (Transport)
  • Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport
  • Beta-class ETR-3 Escort Transport
  • Long Range Scout Craft
  • Sentinel-class landing craft
  • C-3 Passenger Liner
  • Utility Tug
  • Combat Utility Vehicle
  • Heavy Lifter
  • BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
  • Cargo Ferry
  • Modular Conveyor
  • Container Transport
  • GR-75 Medium Transport
  • Muurian Transport
  • YT-2400
  • Mole Miner
  • Star Galleon
  • RX-200 Ferryboat Liner (Ferryboat Liner)
  • Modified Action Transport
  • Mobquet Transport
  • Suprosa
  • Imperial Research Ship
  • SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 (Luxury Yacht 3000)
  • Freight Transport/C
  • Freight Transport/H
  • Freight Transport/K
  • Cargo Freighter
  • Cargo Tanker


  • Class-A Container
  • Class-B Container
  • Class-C Container
  • Class-D Container
  • Class-E Container
  • Class-F Container
  • Class-G Container
  • Class-H Container
  • Class-I Container
  • Class-J Container
  • Class-K Container
  • Class-L Container
  • Cargo Canister
  • Pressure Tank
  • CN/Hangar


  • XQ1 Platform
  • XQ2 Platform
  • XQ3 Platform
  • XQ4 Platform
  • XQ5 Platform
  • XQ6 Platform
  • Golan I Space Defense SpaceGun
  • Golan II Space Defense SpaceGun
  • Golan III Space Defense NovaGun
  • Family Base
  • Family Repair Yard
  • Pirate Shipyard
  • Industrial Complex
  • Rebel Platform
  • Factory
  • Asteroid Hangar
  • Imperial Research Center
  • Casino
  • Telgorn Repair Yard
  • Telgorn Shipyard
  • Space Colony (3 types)
  • Cargo Facility (2 types)
  • Derilyn Platform
  • Processing Plant
  • Asteroid Mining Unit

Game Pages

The X-Wing and TIE Fighter pages are horribly lacking in content, so I'd like to rectify this. X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance pages are better, but there's still possibilities for improvement.

I might take a crack at other game pages as well, but that's down the road.



It is a time of Civil War.
Using fear and intimidation,
the Empire seeks to impose a
New Order on the galaxy. Only
the Rebel Alliance stands in
the way of their evil plans.

Not yet willing to confront the
Empire directly, the Rebels are
marshalling their forces in
secrecy. Even now a group of
their prized Calamari Cruisers is
being intercepted by a squadron
of Imperial Star Destroyers.

The Rebel Fleet is outnumbered
but, they have a surprise...
the X-Wing Starfighter!

Tour of Duty I

Shocked by Imperial losses
at Turkana at the hands of
the Rebels, the Emperor
has ordered a new campaign
to crush the Alliance.

Meanwhile, the Rebel High
Command, encouraged by the
X-wing's success against the
Empire has deployed a new
starfighter, the A-wing.

It is feared, though, that
Emperor Palpatine has his
own surprises.

Tour of Duty II

Fresh from their stunning
success against Operation
Strike Fear, the Alliance has
found renewed hope in their
struggle against the Empire.

Now word comes of an even
greater threat, a vast secret
Imperial military project of such
awesome destructive power that
it could crush the Alliance!

Alarmed by these rumors, Rebel
scouts are desperately seeking
any news of this project.

Tour of Duty III

Having discovered the
existence of the DEATH STAR
project, the Rebel Alliance
prepares for its greatest
challenge. With the technical
plans in the hands of Princess
Leia, the Alliance gathers its
forces to destroy the Empire's
ultimate weapon.

The DEATH STAR, nearing
completion at a secret Imperial
base, is being prepared for its
reign of terror.

Tour of Duty IV

Having achieved its greatest
victory by destroying the
Empire's dreaded Death Star,
the Rebellion gains new
allies. Emperor Palpatine,
furious at his defeat has
sent a huge armada to destroy
the Rebel base at Yavin.

Despite their new strength, the
Alliance can not withstand
another attack from the Imperial
fleet and must flee their base.

Tour of Duty V

After the Battle of Yavin, the
Alliance Fleet had no choice
but to abandon its main base.
Pursued by Imperial forces,
the Alliance survived
treachery and starvation.

Now the search for a new base
continues as does the Emperor
and Lord Vader's desire to
destroy the Rebellion.

But the Alliance prepares to
unleash a new weapon..
the B-wing Starfighter!

TIE Fighter

Did this seriously have only one crawl?

After the battle of Yavin
Rebel terrorists, aided by
spies and traitors within the
Empire, struck a cowardly
blow at the new symbol of
Imperial power... The Death Star!

Darth Vader brought swift justice
to the Rebels by destroying their
main base on Hoth. The pitiful
remnants of the Alliance have
now scattered to the Outer Rim.

In the days ahead, the Emperor
will call upon the Imperial Navy
to eradicate the last vestiges
of rebellion and restore law
and order to the galaxy!

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter


The galaxy is engulfed in the
flames of Civil War. In the vast
reaches between the stars
great battles erupt with searing
laser blasts and fiery

Amidst the Empire's Star
Destroyers and the Rebellion's
Mon Calamari cruisers dart
small craft of incredible power
and speed... the starfighters.

Through the skill and bravery
of the men and women who
pilot these deadly craft, the
outcome ultimately will be


Relentless in its pursuit of
the Rebel insurgency, the
Imperial Fleet has driven the
scattered remnants of the
Alliance into retreat among
the Outer Rim Territories.

Now, in the Airam Sector,
far from the might of the
threat has emerged. The
Rebellion seeks to establish
a new base here from which
to spread their sedition.

Admiral Senn's fleet, led by
the Super Star Destroyer
Vengeance, has been
ordered to pursue the
Rebels and eliminate this
menace. Spearheading this
campaign are the elite pilots
of Avenger Squadron...


It is a desperate time for the
Rebel Alliance. Driven from
countless bases by the
band of freedom fighters
retreat to the Outer Rim in
search of a new home... and
new allies.

It is here that the Rebels
hope to establish a new base
of operations. Crucial to their
success is the construction
of a new shipyard in the
remote Airam Sector.

Pursued by a large Imperial
task force commanded by the
ruthless Admiral Senn, the
very survival of the Rebellion
depends upon the elite pilots
of Rogue Squadron...

X-Wing Alliance

As the Rebel insurgency spreads,
become embroiled in open civil war.
To avenge the Emperor's defeat
at Yavin, Darth Vader has struck
back at the Rebel base on Hoth.

Caught in the crossfire is the family
of Tomaas and Antan Azzameen,
owners of a successful shipping
operation. Despite the schemes of
corrupt Imperial officials and a bitter
feud with their archrivals the Viraxo,
they have survived.

Sympathetic to the Rebellion, but
fearful of the Emperor's far-reaching
power, they will soon be forced to
take sides in the greater conflict
around them…

X-Wing Mission Building Data

Licah's guide is marvelous, but there are some quirks he doesn't mention or parts he doesn't explain well enough.

  • If capital ships refuse to fire more than a few shots during a mission, tweak ship waypoints, positions, skill level, etc. slightly and test again. Even a change from Top Ace to Ace can sometimes make them fire fairly reliably.

Gold Squadron Projects

Projects revolving specifically around Gold Squadron.


  • Wiki page - Updated to post-reorganization era and current roster as of 9/28/11.
    • Updated regularly when roster or rank changes are available. Content added when found.


  • Squadron patch - Updated to add transparency on 9/28/11.
    • Old patch file+page removed (thanks Heavy!) since it could not be updated to png directly.
    • All pages linking to the patch have been updated accordingly.

Page Updates

Lots of pages are outdated, particularly in regards to members' ranks and positions. Updating as I see them, but generally requires tedious searching. Long term project.

Useful Links

Other Ideas



It is a dark time for the Rebellion.
Although the Death Star has been
destroyed, Imperial forces have located
the hidden Rebel base on Yavin and are
poised to strike back.

On the planet Coruscant, the heart of
the Empire, Darth Vader and the
Emperor make plans to crush the rebel
Alliance once and for all. The full weight
of the Empire is about to come to bear
against the rebels.

In their secret headquarters, Alliance
leaders, resolute after their recent
victory, gather the warships of the rebel
fleet. Although they have won a
significant battle, the war between the
Alliance and the Empire has only just


None currently.