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The Historical Office compiles and maintains a history of the Rebel Squadrons. Office of Historical Records was the previous name for the Historical Office. It was original started by Super in 1998, but abandoned until the turn of the century due to lack of resources.

Primary source material

  • RS news archives, Nov. 2000 - present
  • Holonet - rscd, offices, pbf, etc. The RS news archive, Nov 1999 - Nov 2000.
  • archive.org - 1998 - present.
  • Old emails - several members have nearly every old RS email archived. Licah, Dec. 2001-present; Dave, Spokes, Rich, and others.
  • Egroups - rshc, PBFCommand, and other various RS-related groups. Some date as far back as 1999.
  • Various material on the Historical Office website.
  • Memoirs from members that were around at the time. Their memory may not be clear, and they may or may not have any old documents to help them, but they will be able to tell you things that were important at the time.
  • Units' websites; check if there are archived folders accessible via FTP.
  • Old forum posts, both from our current forums and the old forums. Unfortunately, the two incarnations of the forums before these two have been lost, but we have forum posts dating back to Dec 2002.

Contribution Sources

And many, many others.


Your mission is vast and never complete. Such is the work of a contemporary historian.

  • Go through every unit's website that you can find and link to their history page(s). Done!!!
  • Find Dave, or Rahj, or Castor, or someone willing to talk your ear off about the old days and isn't doing anything else in the RS at the moment. Ask them to just write what they remember and don't worry about precision or details - you can adjust their writing and fill in details later.
  • Use archive.org to get membership counts at various points in the RS' lifetime.
  • The website banner needs an update, talk to TJ.
  • If you get done with all of this, use archive.org to find other things of historical interest until more projects are specified. There is a very large amount of room for the HO to grow in terms of what is on its site right now. The issue is probably not trying to document all RS history, but rather relevant RS history.