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"It's better to burn out, than to fade away" - Hyde's motto

Lieutenant Colonel Hyde, Resurrection CO, has served in the RS since Jul 29, 2006.

Early life and Jedi training

Hyde's experience flying starships started early in his life. Born in Corellia, he had no option but to get used to dare flights during smuggling incursions with his friends. However, at this age, he didn't know the turns that his life would take, neither that of this skill would depend his life later in his life.

He never knew that during one of his smuggling trips to Narshaddaa, his life was about to change. After docking at the Narshaddaa space port, his path crossed him with Mara Jade. After just a few words, they both realized they had so much in commun, that their encounter couldn't have been an accident. Soon enough, Mara told him he should leave his smuggling life and fight the Empire, fight for his beliefs. The first step was to join the Jedi Praxeum of the New Jedi Order and learn the ways of the force. Hyde instantly accepted Mara's offering, so the both of them went to the Massassi Temple on Yavin 4 to begin his training. Hyde had always been force sensitive, and with Mara Jade teaching him, his powers multiplied in no time. Nevertheless, he couldn't complete his Jedi training with Mara as his master. She had to leave the Academy often with Luke Skywalker in times of crisis to help the New Republic. However, this turned out to be a good thing for Hyde, since he managed to complete his training from many masters and acquired a broadened view of the force and managed to learn and master six out of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. Since then, he travelled throughout the galaxy seeking for knowlodge on the force, and for peace of mind. During that search he got involved with a number of other Jedi from which he learned all he had left from his training and more. Some of them were survivors from The Jedi Purge and some of them had been recently trained just like him. Hyde's powers grew and grew as he trained and fought along with his new found friends and mentors, such as Jos Nelsh, Ciss, Casoth, Palidori, Colt, Chran Smpla, and many, many others. Also during his search, he was lucky enough to find Depa Billaba, Mace Windu's former Padawan, who just came out of a coma that kept her out of comision since the Clone Wars. It's worth to say that Depa Billaba was known to be one of the few Jedi to ever master Form VII of lightsaber combat, Vaapad, which in time agreed to teach to Hyde. After mastering it, thanks to Depa Billaba, Form VII became Hyde's favoutite, even when he knew there was a risk of the user of this form of falling to the dark side. This search also tought Hyde another very important lesson, everywhere he went he found the same recurrent scourge for peace and justice, the hammer of the Empire, to which he swore to fight with all his strenght.

RS History

Later on, Hyde knew an amazing group of people who felt the same way as him about the Empire, the Rebel Squadrons. When he found out the RS was fighting for the New Republic interests in the Outer Rim Territories, he felt the call to join them in their fight. He had a love for flying since he was a children, so after getting to know Phil "Darkfire", Resurrection Squadron CO, Hyde decided to join him as a member of his squadron in the Renegade Fleet, one of the two fighter fleets of the RS. Since then, he fought every mission using the principles from his favourite lightsaber combat form, Vaapad. This made him a bolt pilot, but also kept him on the edge most of the time, never knowing if he would make it back after every mission. Under the wing of Phil "Darkfire" and with the help of many other pilots from the RS, specially "Heavy" Pasiechnyk, Hyde, slowly but surely, started improving his rusted flying techniques. After a while, Phil "Darkfire" offered Hyde a charge as XO of the Resurrection Squadron, to which Hyde accepted gratefully. Later, after the creation of the Vigilance Starfighter Group, Phil "Darkfire" thought it was time to step out of the Rza CO office, and honored Hyde by recomending him for the position, so after the approval of the VSG CO, Hyde became the new Resurrection Squadron CO and assumed the responsability to leading this squadron's rich tradition for future assignments. In this phase of his life, the biggest challenge for Hyde is to balance his time and efforts between his responsabilities as a Jedi, and the ones as a pilot of the VSG and Rza CO, so he's putting all his energy to give the best in both activities.