Hydra Squadron

Hydra Squadron
General Information
Leader Jotheb Tahn
Locations Minos Cluster
Historical Information
Other Information
Assigned to ISDII Prometheus
Part of Minos Investigation Group

Hydra Squadron was one of the six main Retribution Fleet (R2F) squadrons. It was the lone squadron to survive all of the R2F's transitions and outlasted the Retribution name itself. It was decommissioned on August 30, 2008[1].


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Current Roster (13/03/07)

Cyclops Flight

Chimaera Flight

Minotaur Flight

Historic Roster - July 2005

Cyclops Flight

Chimaera Flight

  • 5: LCM Tiar "Skosh" Garnin
  • 6: CPT Vason Senmic
  • 7:
  • 8:

Minotaur Flight

  • 9:
  • 10:
  • 11: MAJ Koral


Squadron Website

http://pbf.rebelsquadrons.org/hydra.php - Needs updating (Volunteers?)

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