Idiot's Array

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SF01-C Nebulon-class strike frigate
Idiot's Array
Production information
Class SF01-C Nebulon-class strike frigate
Modified by


  • Sluis Van Designers/Engineers:
  • Garrik "Face" Loran
  • Adam "Vender" Fene
  • Harley "Jester" Quinn
  • Technical specifications
    Length 300 metres?
    Width 72 metres?
    Height/depth 166 metres?
    Maximum acceleration 1200 g?
    Maximum speed (space) 16 MGLT?
    Maximum speed (atmosphere) 800 km/h?
    Engine unit(s) Kuat Galaxy-15 ion engines (7)?
    Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 3?
  • Backup Class 16?
  • Shielding 2,560 SBD?
    Hull 1520 RU?
  • Taim & Bak XI7 turbolasers (6)?
  • Borstel RH8 laser cannons (8)?
  • Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (2)?
  • Complement

    12 starfighters:

  • Wildcard Squadron - 12 X-Wings
  • Crew
  • Crew (901)?
    • General Crew (850) ?
    • Gunners (51)?
  • Minimum crew 307?
    Cargo capacity 1,000 metric tons?
    Consumables 1 years?
    Role(s) Strike Frigate
    Earliest sighting R2F 606
    Present for battles/events
  • R2F 606
  • R2F 607
  • IBG 201
  • IBG 204
  • IBG 205
  • IBG 206
  • IBG 207
  • IBG 209
  • IBG 301
  • IBG 302
  • IBG 303
  • IBG 304
  • IBG 305
  • IBG 306
  • IBG 401
  • IBG 402
  • IBG 403
  • IBG 404
  • IBG 405
  • IBG 408
  • IBG 409
  • IBG 502
  • IBG 503
  • IBG 504
  • IBG 505
  • IBG 508
  • IBG 601
  • IBG 602
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known owner(s) Garik Loran
    Known crewmembers
  • 1st Officer - Neera Heiksal - Human from Thyferra
  • Chief Engineer - Donis Afar - from Mon Calamari
  • Chief Mechanic - Iroa Yoal - Zabrak Female from Iridonia
  • Security Chief - Muurv - Togorian Female from Togoria
  • Chief Cook - Rharawara - Wookie Female
  • Known commander(s) Jablus Neebul - Sullustan Male from Sullust

    The Idiot's Array is a Republic Shield Nebulon-C Frigate currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force on special assignment in the Minos Cluster.

    Originally the Nebulon-B Frigate Corusca, primarily used by Wildcard Squadron during its Tour of Duty patroling RS space lanes. The Corusca was captured by pirates and imperials, however Wildcard managed to retrieve the Corusca. The Corusca was sent to the space yards at Sluis Van where it underwent repairs and heavy modifications. During this time. Wildcard Squadron Command decided to change the name of the vessel to the Idiot's Array. Due to the modifications done to the Idiot's Array the classification of this ship has changed. It is now referred as an SF01-C Nebulon-class strike frigate. It has upgraded engine and shield systems. Weapons have been rearranged and enhanced making more suitable for a strike mission. The hangar bay has also been modified heavily. It has been expanded such that there are now hangar entrances on both sides of the forward section of the frigate. This configuration allows for a much faster launch rate of craft and or fighters in a combat situation. The dual-entrance configuration however does raise concern should the ship come under heavy attack during the launch of craft as it presents a larger target to the inner areas of the ship. To compensate for this added liability, separate deflector shield generators have been added to the bow of the ship. With the added generators, only a small section of the forward shielding is required to be brought down during the launch of craft from it's hangars. The standard fighter complement that the Idiot's Array carries is one X-Wing squadron, but if the mission requires an additional squadron can be supported if a number of the support craft are removed from the hangar. Situated just fore of the primary hangar bay is a very small private hangar capable of supporting three Lambda-class or two Assault-class shuttles. On approach, a required voice print and access code is required for entrance to the private hangar. The only exception to this is if there is a direct order from the captain of the ship himself for craft to be admitted clearance.


    Led Republic Shield forces in an assault against a suspected Imperial base, which turned out to be an Imperial trap. Engaged the enemy forces, and was reinforced by the Star Destroyer Prometheus before the Imperial Star Destroyer Siege arrived to complete the ambush. (R2F606)

    Heavily battered by the Imperial onslaught, the vessel pulled out of the planet’s gravity well and escaped from the ambush into hyperspace. (R2F607)

    Part of Republic Shield task force relocated to the intended site of a new base in the Cadrel Expanse. Encountered Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Glady near a white planet (#19), which seemed to be escorting an Imperial convoy. Part of Republic Shield forces that assaulted the Imperial forces, leading to the destruction of the convoy’s escorts, and the capture of the Imperial freight vessels. (IBG201)

    Escorted convoy craft from the Elornia system to the planet New Trassk, via an Imperial system with a ***black and red thing*** (#49). Defended against Imperial attack by forces led by the Star Destroyer Dark Hand. Protected convoy vessels as they passed through the system to the hyperspace point, and followed them to a safe arrival at the planet New Trassk. (IBG204)

    Reinforced Republic Shield forces defending the New Trassk Base station, which had fallen under Imperial attack. Beat back the Imperial attack, destroying the modified corvette Imp, the Dreadnaught Gore, the Victory Star Destroyer Decapitator and all accompanying Imperial forces. (IBG205)

    Stationed at the New Trassk Base during resupply operation by transport company vessels, escorted by Republic Shield and independent security forces. (IBG206)

    Stationed at the New Trassk Base while Republic Shield forces led by the Dreadnaught Resurrection reinforced Republic Shield forces led by the Interdictor Chains of Justice in an operation to destroy the Victory Star Destroyer Dark Menace. (IBG207)

    Stationed at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield reconnaissance mission through surrounding areas, which resulted in an Imperial ambush just outside the Osiris Sector. (IBG209)

    Stationed at New Trassk Base during the data transfer operation from the shuttle Tru'lak to the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Defended against an attack on the Tru’lak by Rolian Fanatics, and allowed to the transfer to be completed successfully. (IBG301)

    Part of Republic Shield forces who oversaw and safeguarded the evacuation of Rolian evacuees from a doomed aqua planet (#12) orbiting a star about to go supernova (#11). Defended against Rolian Fanatics who attempted to thwart the evacuation operation, due to zealous religious beliefs about the necessity for all Rolian people to die with their star. (IBG302)

    Helped in the evacuation efforts of the Rolian system while also leading defensive measures in the region, when Republic Shield forces led the first wave of evacuation craft out of the system. (IBG303)

    Part of Republic Shield force led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist escorting the massive exodus convoy of vessels evacuating from the doomed Rolian system. Followed the Rebel Fist briefly into an ambush by Rolian Fanatics as a feint, and then ‘retreated’ further out from the system, where awaiting Republic Shield forces led by the gunships Daunter, Daze, Bayonet, and Nova flanked the attacking forces, while the Republic Shield main fleet ships led by the vessel created a defensive perimeter around the evacuation vessels. Republic Shield forces led by the gunships defeated the attacking Rolian Fanatics force. (IBG304)

    Present at the fleet buildup in the Vectain system during the Imperial massacre of a supply convoy en route, led by the Star Destroyer Thunderous possibly tipped off by Rolian Fanatics. (IBG305)

    Travelled to a region of space beyond the Rolian Fanatics Haven base, and launched forces which scouted ahead to report on the defences present and their configuration. After receiving sensor data detailing the make-up of the Haven’s defences, the vessel travelled with its support vessels to the base, and began assaulting the defence forces co-ordinated by the Dreadnaught Redeemer. Completely routed the Rolian Fanatics defence forces, and laid waste to the Haven base. After ensuing victory, the vessel led its task force to an aqua gas planet (#51), possibly the site of the relocated Rolian evacuees. (IBG306)

    Possibly en route to New Trassk Base after safely delivering the Rolian refugees to their new permanent home during a Republic Shield simulation that featured this vessel. During the simulation of an attack on New Trassk Base, the vessel was featured as part of the fleet buildup near a yellow and grey gas planet (#38) and a blue and black gas planet (#34) while en route to the station while Republic Shield forces travelled ahead to arrive home early. (IBG401)

    Present at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield rescue mission to reclaim captured convoy craft who had fallen under Imperial attack. Present when the convoy arrived safely at New Trassk Base. (IBG402)

    Present at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield investigation operation searching for the point of origin of the Imperial Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, headed by the assault transport Nightwolf. Present when the Nightwolf returned to New Trassk Base to report its findings. (IBG403)

    Part of Republic Shield forces led by the Assault Frigate Chiin'tal to investigate asteroid mining facility Mine 12XFT-3 near a brown planet (#5) for Imperial involvement. Discovered the Victory Star Destroyer Dominator leading a reclamation effort of supplies from the facility, but withdrew before Republic Shield forces engage it. Held position near the mining facility while Republic Shield forces pursued the Dominator, which had returned to its task force, led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent. Republic Shield forces managed to escape from the Imperial fleet buildup and report back to the Chiin'tal’s task force with news of the Imperial armada, after a brief stopover in a region of space near asteroid field (#96) and a supernova remnant (#93). (IBG404)

    Moved with Republic Shield task force led by the Assault Frigate Chiin’tal from the mining facility Mine 12XFT-3 to a region of space with a view of a spiral galaxy spiral galaxy (#76), in order to lure Imperial forces to engage the fleet in the region instead of leading them back to New Trassk Base. Republic Shield forces from the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga probed the Imperial fleet buildup led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent, and then returned to the Republic Shield task force, luring a contingent of Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Dominator to the Republic Shield task force. Followed the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga in engaging the Imperial task force, contributing to the destruction of the Carrack Cruisers Vargus and Vigilant, and the Frigate Enforcer. The Victory Star Destroyer Dominator was heavily damaged in the attack, but it withdrew from the battle, preventing its destruction. The victory took four capital ships of the Belligerent’s fleet out of commission, but the battle had its own losses — the gunships Daunter and Daze reinforced Republic Shield forces, and both ships were lost in the confrontation. (IBG405)

    Defended New Trassk Base from Imperial strike force led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent. Participated in the defences during the battle, which were co-ordinated and led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Engaged the centre of the Imperial formation from behind, diffusing the attack force’s efforts. After an extensive battle the Imperial attack line was broken, allowing the separated capital ships to be picked off easier. The destruction of the Belligerent heralded the defeat of the attack force, and the Imperial forces attempted to withdraw. The majority of the Imperial attack forces were destroyed, the only exception being the Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, which managed to escape with extensive damage. (IBG408)

    Stationed at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield search mission for the damaged Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, which was the only surviving party in the ill-fated Star Destroyer Belligerent’s attack force annihilated in the battle upon the station. Guarded the station while the expeditionary force tracked down the Dominator and captured it. (IBG409)

    Part of a Republic Shield reclamation force led by the Strike Cruiser Dragon's Fire to rescue the disabled Frigate Shay's Honour near the volcanic moon (#11) of a blue planet (#10) orbiting an old orange star (#84). Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Stalker were attempting to capture the frigate, making the rescue operation imperative. The Dragon’s Fire and the vessel engaged the Star Destroyer Stalker at point-blank range, resulting in the relatively quick neutralisation of the vessel. Meanwhile, Republic Shield forces moved to engage the assault transport group Extractor, who were attempting to board and capture the vessel. After the Imperial boarding vessels were destroyed, the YT-1300 freighter group Valiant moved in to repair the vessel. The repair crews aboard the Valiant group successfully restored power to the vessel, allowing it to escape from the system. (IBG502)

    Waited at a rendezvous point for a vital Republic Shield supply convoy to arrive. The convoy arrived later than expected, due to an Imperial ambush involving an Interdictor. Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Star Destroyer Liberator engaged the Imperial forces, allowing the convoy to enter hyperspace and rendezvous with the vessel. (IBG503)

    Part of Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Strike Cruiser Dragon’s Fire that travelled from the fleet buildup to back up Republic Shield forces attacking a suspected Imperial outpost, who had been ambushed by the Star Destroyer Parallax. Joined with the Strike Cruiser Dragon’s Fire and the Light Calamari Cruiser Madron in directly engaging the Parallax. Attacked the Star Destroyer’s left flank, while the Madron engaged its right flank, and the Dragon’s Fire attacked its bow. The vessel was forced to withdraw from the combat zone when the Parallax knocked out its shields and began tearing chunks out of the vessel’s hull. Retreated back to the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist’s fleet buildup while other elements of the Republic Shield task force went on to raze the Imperial outpost and destroy the Parallax. (IBG504)

    Part of Republic Shield task force led by the Assault Frigate Titan stationed with a convoy near an old orange star (#84). Waited in the staging area while the convoy and a light escort travelled to the ambush point near an aqua gas planet (#51) and lured Imperial forces to the area. Followed the Titan into the combat zone and ambushed the Imperial task force led by the Frigate Invader. The Imperial task force was completely caught off-guard by the ambush and were readily overwhelmed. Held close to the convoy to protect it from Imperial attacks and backed up the main attack force in hammering Imperial forces that strayed too close to the vessel. Even the arrival of the Super Star Destroyer Blade further out from the combat zone could not save the Imperial task force, as it promptly withdrew before the Imperial forces were defeated. Republic Shield forces completely defeated the Imperial forces caught in the ambush, and most of the convoy safely proceeded to their hyper points. (IBG505)

    Part of Republic Shield attack force led from an orange gas planet (#1) by the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga to raid an Imperial supply depot near an asteroid field (#61) (#96). Republic Shield forces clashed with Imperial defenders from the cargo facility Dein and the Victory Star Destroyer Revenger II. Republic Shield forces scanned the contents of the supply cache, and discovered cargo of supplies, ammunition, uniforms, warheads, armour and advanced weapons. Launched the heavy lifter group Echo, and the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga launched assault transport Storm to attempt a capture operation of various cargo containers. Xityar transport group Sole entered the combat zone and attacked Republic Shield forces attempting to liberate Imperial cargo. Republic Shield forces successfully defended the capture craft, destroying the Xityar transport group Sole and engaging the rest of the Imperial defences. The Victory Star Destroyer Revenger II moved in to lead Imperial forces against the Republic Shield capture force, but the vessel led Republic Shield forces against the attacking forces, giving the heavy lifter group Echo time to return to the vessel with their captured cargo, and the assault transport Storm to return to the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga. The main objectives completed, the vessel followed the Kalinga in the annihilation of Imperial defence forces by Republic Shield forces, as well as the razing of the cargo facility Dein and the bombarding the Revenger II into oblivion. (IBG508)

    Present at the Republic Shield staging area near a blue gas planet (#7) during Republic Shield operation to defend a neutral colony near the white ice planet (#39) Centrino III from attacks by pirate raiding forces. Present when Republic Shield forces returned to the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga. (IBG601)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an investigation of a freight convoy bound for a construction project in the Outer Rim. Intercepted the convoy near an aqua gas planet (#51), and directed Republic Shield forces to search amongst the craft for any pirate presence. Republic Shield forces were part way through scanning the Starfreight Inc. contingent when the SafeTrans Inc. security forces led by the corvette group Swiftwind escorting the convoy reacted badly to the searching forces and launched an attack. Republic Shield forces attempted to evade the attacks by the security forces, and continued to scan the remainder of the Starfreight Inc. ships. The corvette group Swiftwind led a reckless assault, directly engaging the vessel, which returned fire. The Calamari Cruiser Kalinga soon arrived to lead Republic Shield reinforcements against the hostile security forces, and one by one the zealous corvettes were set aflame. While the vessel was busy battling the security forces, Republic Shield forces had located pirates aboard several ships in the HyperSped Inc. contingent of the convoy. Republic Shield forces disabled the offending pirate ships, and the assault transports Commandos I, Commandos II and Commandos III arrived with boarding parties to capture the disabled convoy ships. Pirate reinforcements led by the Frigate Tra'cor failed to prevent the capture operations, and in desperation launched assaults on the captured craft themselves. Republic Shield forces protected the seized ships while they limped from the combat zone, and the vessel co-ordinated assaults against the remaining pirate and security forces. After the captured pirates were safely away, the remaining hostile forces were neutralised, including the destruction of the pirate Frigate Tra’cor. Withdrew with the Calamari Cruiser Kalinga from the area, presumably to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet, along with the captured pirate craft. (IBG602)


    Hangar bay:

    • Expanded across the bow section to have hangar entrances on both sides of the ship
    • Secondary, private hangar installed fore of the main hangar

    Shield systems:

    • Added generators on the prow of the ship to increase hangar bay protection

    Weapons systems:

    • Reconfigured arrangement to accomodate strike missions as opposed to escort roles

    Engine systems:

    • Higher output engines to provide increased thrust, speed, and maneouverability

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