Installing an XvT custom mission

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Here is a guide on how to install an XvT custom mission file (.tie format) so that you can access and play it via the Training Mission select screen.

1. First, locate the XvT folder on your hard drive, usually under C:\Program Files\LucasArts.

2. Now go inside it and locate the folder "Train" within which are all the game's training missions (See Note 1).

3. Put the mission you have downloaded into this folder.

4. Locate the rebel.lst file (imperial.lst if you are installing an Imperial mission).

5. Open the rebel.lst file using notepad or similar text editing program.

6. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the following:

    Rebel Capture of Corvette near ISD
    Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance   

7. As you can see, there is a set format to follow. To enter your own mission, follow the format below, entering it directly below the last line containing text

    Previous mission's number + 1
    Name you want displayed in the mission select screen

8. Once you've entered your mission's data in the above format, save and load up the game and you will see your mission's name displayed in the mission select list on the training missions page (Rebel if you edited the rebel.lst file, Imperial if you edited the imperial.lst file).

Important Note: Rebel missions do not run with Imperial craft and vice versa, so do not attempt to run an Imperial mission from the Rebel Training page and vice versa.

Additional Info: The following format can be used to create headers to sections in the drop down mission list in game, to more easily seperate out your custom missions

    [ Your Text Here ]

Again, this should be directly below the previous line of text, with the next line directly below it.

Here is an example :

 Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance
 RgF 101
 RgF 102

  • Note 1. Missions for the recently formed VSG often require the Balance of Power expansion pack, in which case you will follow the instructions as shown, but use the "Train" folder and Rebel.lst file in the Balance of Power subdirectory of XvT.