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Redesign: Nav Bar

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Nearly all of the leading websites use a top nav bar currently, not side nav bars like we do now. Most try to use little space for navigation to allow more for content. Most of them have dropdown nav bars, and these are split fairly equally between automatic drop down and click drop down. Some even go a second level horizontally, from the first drop down.

Platform setup

  • setup a page so admins can add/remove games

ITOD System Revamp

Things that need to be done:

  • Complete/released
  • Maintain
  • Cumulative stats pages
  • Option for narrative only reports
  • Approval of narratives? (maybe)

Things planned/might be added:

  • Squadron tours
  • Cumulative stats

Possible ideas:

  • "[23:51] <`Josh> would be neat though, just have a note for the PC's that says there are x Missions in queue to be added to the ITOD"
  • <Sconn email> possible to have squadron percentage listed. (x pilots reporting out of Y = n%)

Email system

  • outbox maint. namely delete button
    • evil checkboxes. Gods how I hate thee. Necessary evil however, I don't want all of them deleted.
    • everything is in table format, will require lots of thought and planning to make it a form to allow deletions.
      • how about a series of mini-forms for each entry? i.e. a form per table row. --HeavyD (Talk) 00:46, 26 August 2010 (EDT)

Test area

  • Setup subdomain for testing
  • setup new database with current structure, not the data
  • setup lessons, discussions, and forums to help assist new developers
  • make sure this area can not be breached into the main rs stuff to minimize damage.

Forums update

  • Setup so only certain forums display when not logged in
  • setup so all forums display latest topics when logged in (except certain ones)
  • setup special forums (HC, private command staff, etc.) so only those who are in the loop get those displayed

misc stuff

  • generate medal ribbon signature from whatever medals people own that actually have ribbons. Make sure they save/upload the file somewhere other than RS.

Scoring Calculator

I've already started this under the test folder for now. If curious, please open the files the there and read the notes that are commented out.

  • Setup a system which automatically counts points
    • index lists current Date range and current SP points total
    • index gives merit point standing for SP, MP, and squad standing
      • all three to be sorted by name/squad,points,or rank
      • Lists the squad member is in, with details of how many are AWOL/LOA, and % reported in so far
      • Link to previous sessions/cumulative points total per person
      • link to MP reporter (separate reporting system,, bonus point reporter, misc reporter (maybe all in one?)
        • Have input for non-DR bonus points
        • Able to input # of MP matches (both online and console
        • maybe drop down for the common uses?
    • Able to read from Heavy's new ITOD system
      • Brings over the info of each pilot and what missions flown/narratives written
      • Currently read from the old system. Will take some minor edits to read from the new system.
    • simming info
      • either read from the CS updater, or manually whichever is easier
      • Have a checkbox if member GMed a sim (thus increasing his points)
      • Spot for how many hours the sim lasted
        • This might be all doable by editing the CS updater for this new system
    • Admin system - Complete (not as ugly anymore, but complete)
      • able to edit the DR percentages
      • add activities to the drop down selector
  • notes listed under
  • Table layouts (Currently josh_dr_* will be changed later)
    • SP Tables - use existing ITOD tables (heavy's or the old ones)
    • MP table (1) - hold date,pin,type of MP points, SS, and others
    • MP table (2) - Type of MP points (time or match) Use DR types table
    • Bonus point table - date,pin,points,reason,other
    • DR table (1) - SP DR formula
    • DR table (2) - MP DR formula (Matches)
    • DR table (3) - MP DR formula (Time)
    • Session End date table (since nothing gets released together)

Central Multiplayer System

  • tables set up in db
  • front page started
  • infomation pages regarding MP tools/websites/programs
  • VSG competition page close to completion
    • Round Robin Match Scheduling
    • Competition Finals:
      • Results Display
      • Match Scheduling
  • Non-competitive gaming
    • Front page
    • Reporter
    • Match result pages
    • Game specific match listings pages
  • External Competition listings
    • Front Page
    • Admin page/form for uploading member results