Jade Squadron

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Jade Squadron is a former PBF squadron that was in Valor Wing and led for a long time by LiveWire. Prior to LiveWire's command, the squadron was led by BGN John GAdRS, with Commander Muzor as XO. Other storied members of the squadron included Jeris Gand, Arthur Liu, Sienn Sconn and Kye "F--ing" Cygnus, AKA "KFC" or "Kentucky Fried Cygnus". Jade completed a couple of Squadron ITODs, designed primarily by Muzor and GAdRS and generally took a laid-back attitude amongst its members. The squadron managed to finish in the middle of the pack for nearly every PBF ITOD until its dissolution.

Jade Squadron's motto was "Leave No Trace", which lead to a particular RSer, Trace, feeling a bit...put out.

*** `Hawkeye Quit (Jade Squadron: "Leave No Trace.") <Trace-> HELP! <Trace-> Jade SQUADRON WANTS ME DEAD!!