Jairo Pantoja

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Major General Jairo Pantoja, FireClaw 3, has served in the RS since May 4, 1999.

Major General Jairo "El Duro" Pantoja (jpantoja@gmx.net)
FireClaw #3
MC-90 CRS "Windstorm"
Hope Wing
Fire Flight

[Renegade Fleet]
Ragnarok # 12
MC-80 CRS "Stingray"
Scorpion Wing
Destiny Flight

Paladin #10
Lanvarok #13
Old Phantom Grey PG21

<FCTG201>,<FCTG210>,<FCTG605> - FireClaw Top Gun Awards
 <!=D=!>     Excellency of Duty - TOD 6
  *VII*      Veteran Service Medal - 7 Years.
~/§/HPG\§\~  Honorary Phantom Grey medal, with 1 bar.
[=:MRM:=]    XWA Academy Mission Report Medal.
{[-PBFMoA-]} PBF Medal of Activity - 10 Medals.
 PBF407      "Most Active Squadron" Medal.
  {o~;;}     Dantooine Keys -TOD 4-5
 ^|DCC|^     Dauntless Combat Citation TOD 4-5-6 
~|¤|@|¤|~    Graduate With Honors From the X-wing Academy.
-\\?*?//-    (1 star) Participation Skill Competition Mission 1.
  <=*=>	     Unit Commendation Medal
   =*=	     Merit Commendation Medal