Jaja Darksight

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Member Profile
Jaja Darksight
Career Information
Callsign Deuce
Full RS Name Jaja Darksight
Rank First Lieutenant
Join May 26th, 2005
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Bakura
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Personal Information (Real Life)
Age 20

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



Born on the my the planet Bakura was a little rough. I was a little of a overactive kid when I was young, ya know, going on adventures, causing trouble every which way I went. But one thing I always dreamed of doing was becoming a starfighter pilot or a strategist for space battles or even plantside too. I started training myself on old simulations my dad got for me. I even thought about joining the Imperial Academy until I learned that my father was siding with the Rebel aganist the enormouos might of the Empire. And my Mother staying home trying to cope with it and raise me. And with old, old citizens telling stories about traders stopping by who had narrowly escaped capture by Reptillians called Ssirri-urk, who tryed to steal peoples souls. Things were really becoming a little paranoid. And What with the Galactic War blazing all around, and us not sure who to really side with. I particulary was thinking about going over to the Rebellion and fly in a fighter with my dad, even though I was still a kid. Until of course, when Alderaen was blown up by the Death Star. But the Rebels repeled that horrible menace at Yavin 4. I eventually got into the Rebellion at the age of 14 after lying about my age. I contributed by serving on the Special Forces Ground Team that took out the Sheild Generator on Endor, I had wanted to fly but my father went aganist it. When I heard what had happened up there during the battle, I was quite happy I hadn't decided to volunteer for starfigter duties after all. After the Death Star's destruction I joined the Rebel Squadrons organization and signed up for the Stragetic Tactical Command Academy to become part of this section of Redemption Fleet. I flew thru training with quickness and flying colors. I then went on to be assigned to Eclipse Squad. I was then given the task of helping other new CDT that were eager to be a part of STC go thru their training. For my work I was moved up to Eclipse XO. I then decided to branch out and not just be part of one fleet, why not become as active as possible. So I went to Intrepid Battle Group Training Officer and asked him if I could enlist in their academy because I was interested in doing a little starfighter mission or per say maybe a little ship flying and he gladly added me to it. And I passed thru that as fast as possible so that I could be assigned. I was then put under Dagger Squadron, with the title of Dagger 7. I then jumped on board the mission board, and immeditley went on a mission with my squad in a humble A-Wing and I came out alive, the mission a sucess, and the Imperial and Pirates down in the hole after losing alot of pilots and ships..........(More to come at a later date)

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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