James "Corsair" Folen

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Lieutenant Commander James "Corsair" Folen

Has been a active member of the RS for some four years under the name Charlyie Skylighter and then James Folen.

Student in Washington State, currently studying for a major in the Computer Sciences. Planning to go to a university in Idaho at some point to continue his studies in Computer Sciences and also a minor in Graphic Design.

Name: James Folen
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Active Service time: 4 Years

Current Commands:

Righteous Indignation Division SO

Current Squadrons:

Task Force Ninjin (Ninjin Eight)

Former Commands (Newest to Oldest)
Hydra Squadron CO
Hydra Squadron XO
Commando Division SO
Battlers Platoon XO
Avatar Platoon CO
Avatar Platoon XO
Paladin Platoon CO
Paladin Platoon XO

Former Squadrons:
Battlers Platoon
Wraith Squadron (wraith pride!!!)
Avatar Platoon
Paladin Platoon
Eclipse Squadron