Jarik Nyine

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Member Profile
Jarik Nyine.png
Jarik Nyine
Career Information
Callsign Belevorn
Full RS Name Jarik Nyine
A.K.A. Hyper
Rank First Lieutenant
Join August 2011
Current Status Active
Current Station Tarsonis Command Center
Other Current Positions Red Dragon Squadron 7
Personal Information (fictional)
Era(s) New Republic Era
Homeworld Coruscant
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 30
Height 1.82 meters
Weight 83 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown/Green
Distinguishing features He's always doing something
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Daniel
Gender Male
Location Romania
Age 31
Occupation IT/Administration

Jarik Nyine works hard every day to be recognized as a full member of Red Squadron.


Early Days

Jarik Nynie was born in a humble family in Coruscant 21 years BBY, just in the middle of the Clone Wars. Living in the lower districts was never a problem for him or his family, though his mother Leela, always wanted to belong to the elite families. Jarik Senior, his father, worked all day long to give home as many credits as he could, but that was never enough for Leela Nyine.

With the fall of the Republic and the Rise of the Empire, Leela Nyine saw an opportunity for the Nyine family to rise up through the ranks of the society and convinced Jarik's father to join the Empire Navy.

Jarik Nyine was 10 years old when his father left for first time Coruscant as a recruit of the Empire Navy. Even now, in the present, Jarik can remember the sad smile of his father saying goodbye to him. "A man has to do whatever is on its hands to give its family the best, young one, even if that forces you to do things that you think are wrong." With these words, Jarik Nyine Sr. left the young Jarik with his mother, Leela, looking for a better future.

Soon the credits started flowing to Nyine's family and Leela's dreams were fulfilled. With the Imperial salary, they were able to move away from the lower districts to a modest house with certain luxuries. No messages from Jarik's father were sent to the family though, just the credits, and Leela looked fine with that. But the young Nyine still used to spend most of the time on the streets and he started to realize that the Empire was not as good as his mother wanted to make him believe. The Imperial propaganda was not for his ears, and sometimes from the windows of his house he stared at the windows to the ruins of the Jedi Temple. "Traitors", was the word on the street. But some people looked to other side when asked about the fallen Jedi Order.

Clones started taking common people from their homes, people who badmouthed the Emperor and his Empire, taken away not to be seen anymore. Clearly something was wrong.

At the age of eighteen, the Empire called at his house's doors. Two stormtroopers were there to deliver a message. His father had become a traitor by declining to obey orders from a superior and trying to escape in a shuttle, which was destroyed, killing him instantly. Now... the family of a traitor were traitors too, and Jarik and his mother were sentenced to death as well by Emperor's orders.

Leela Nyine waved her arms at them yelling that she was a loyal citizen of the Empire. Jarik managed to escape, not feeling too much sorrow when he looked back to see her mother being shooted to death by the stormtroopers.

Jarik offered his services in a cargo vessel and escaped Coruscant, decided to find out the truth about his father. His story was just about to begin, a story that would uncover more than he would have liked to know.

Jarik "Gunner Kid" Nyine

Jarik's escape from Coruscant was thanks to Jaleer Droma, a female twi'lek captain of the corellian transport "Long Runner". She found Jarik at the docks hiding from an imperial patrol and after helping him out of curiosity, she asked Jarik about his plans.

- So the Empire wants you, huh? What have you done, tried to assassinate the Emperor? - she laughed.

- They did that to my mother, I guess that's what they have in mind for me as well - he replied with cold eyes. Jaleer crosses her arms and smiled at the young boy, studying him. - Well, I'm not an Empire friend either, where are you heading, kid? - she said.

- Anywhere, and I'm not a kid, why don't just let me alone? - answered Jarik, getting annoyed. After the news of his father's dead and watching the stormtroopers murdering his mother, he was not in mood for jokes.

- Anywhere? - smiled Jaleer - I don't know of "anywhere" but I'm heading to the Outer Rim and that is far away from those stormtroopers and the Empire. Would you like to come?

Jarik blinked twice, surprised by the twi'lek offer and raised an eyebrow. - So you offer me to take me on your ship? What's the catch? - he answered suspicious.

Jaleer Droma

- I may just need an extra pair of hands and you need to get out of here soon. Just follow my instructions on board and I'll consider your trip paid, deal? - said her offering a hand to him.

- Deal - smiled Jarik shaking her hand.

Jarik had to accept the only option he had, become a Long Runner's crew member, or better said, the errand boy of Jaleer. It didn't take long for him to realize that she was a smuggler who inherited the ship from his father. Though she always tried to look in control of everything Jarik also noticed that she was a lousy smuggler, though an excellent pilot. More than once Jarik got impressed on Jaleer's skills to evade imperial ships, though she never allowed him to put a hand on the controls of her "baby", as she called the Long Runner.

Jarik got used to his first job very fast, and started negotiating better deals for Jaleer when he was running her errands. Jaleer was really happy about him and she mentioned once that "feeding the kid was even cheaper than taking care of a protocol droid, and it was also way funnier." Jarik always was arguing with her about the "kid" nickname that she loved to use for him, though he knew that she really got to appretiate him.

Two years after his first travel aboard the Long Runner, Jarik got his first opportunity to prove his worth to Jaleer. They were leaving Nar'Shadaa in a supposedly easy mission when the ship got ambushed by an imperial battleship and several fighters. This time it was too much for Jaleer to handle and she didn't take long in yell to Jarik "run for the turrets and use one of them before we both die here!"

She didn't need to yell twice. Running for his life (and Jaleer's), Jarik ran to one of the turrets and taking the controls started shooting away at everything around the ship. The imperial fighters were way better than those he fought in simulators and it was impossible to land a hit on them. From the cockpit Jarik could hear the curses that Jaleer was yelling everytime the ship shaked with an impact. All seemed lost at that moment...

But Jarik remembered his past, the memories of his father and how he was killed by naval pilots like the ones he was fighting right now. Concentrating, he focused in forgetting everything he knew and aimed ahead his targets movements. A minute later, two of the fighters were down and the Long Runner was escaping the ambush and jumping into hyperspace.

Going down from the turret, Jarik found the twi'lek captain smiling at him. - Not bad for a rookie, not bad at all. It seems you are a gunner, Nyiner. I'll call you 'Gunner Kid' from now on, what do you think?"

- I'd rather be just called Jarik... - he started arguing.

Jaleer bursted into laughs interrupting him as she tapped his shoulder playfully - So be it, "Gunner Kid"! - she said.

A new friend

Jaleer and Jarik started making a reputation in the Core Worlds thanks to the exceptional piloting skills of her and the gunnery skills of him, but still they had some problems: they lacked a proper navigation console. More than once Jarik had to help the Long Runner's computer with the astrogation in order to escape from an Imperial patrol or just an angry client that was not too pleased with the deal he had made with them.

They were obtaining a good amount of money from their "trades" so they decided to make some upgrades to the Long Runner. Amongst them, they decided to adquire an astromech droid to help the aged computer of the ship. So in one of their trips to Nubia, in the Nubus System, they moved to look for a cheap droid.

The shops they looked into weren't too great and most of the R series that they saw were just some bad replicas of the R5 series, which was what they wanted to get for a start. They only found a real R5 in one of the droids' shop, and the owner was not very happy about having known smugglers in his place.

- Look, you pile of bantha shit, I'm going to buy that R5 unit or I'll get really angry, and when I mean really angry I mean that someone could get hurt, are we clear? - stated Jaleer tapping her blaster pistol with one hand.

- Um... excuse her temper sir, but I think that my friend means that we'd be very honored if you made us the favor of giving us a price for your droid. - added Jarik more calmly. Jaleer was not in her best mood.

- Come on Jarik! You know that we have enough credits to buy his damn family if we wanted and he's just trying to get the hell out of us!

- I said that the unit is not for sale and I won't sell it, now leave before I call the authorities - threatened the owner.

Jarik knew well enough that the least they wanted was to be greeted by the authorities, so he took Jaleer by one arm and started pulling from her out of the shop. - It's enough Jaleer, there's no deal here - he was telling her while she was dragged away.

- I'll come back for you later, coward! I've seen hutts that were easier to make business with, and jawas that were also more intelligent! - laughed her as they got out from the shop.

Once outside, Jarik sighed, took a deep breath and turned to Jaleer.

- Well, that was the last one, and we're still without that droid, thanks to your "diplomatic" skills. Any brilliant idea to get a droid before the owner of that shop sends a patrol looking for us? - he inquired.

- Of course, it was just a tactic, you see? While you were trying to calm him down, I was checking something and I know exactly what to do. Just wait in the Long Runner and prep it for getting out of here, ok? - replied Jaleer with a smile and a wink.

- As you wish, but don't call me again to rescue you, you owe me a few ones already, Jaleer. - joked Jarik as he turned giving she his back and walking to the ship.

The Long Runner was in excellent conditions. They improved the hyperspace engine, removed some unnecesary commodities and added ion lasers to the sides of the transport. After getting the droid, the next step was to improve the hull of the ship, something that probably would be way more expensive that all the previous modifications together.

Jarik didn't have to wait long until Jaleer entered running up the board ramp with some crates and with a worried face. Looking up, she just yelled: "Let's get out of here!" In a second, the Long Runner's engines were at maximum at they were leaving the orbit of the planet. No space persecutions this time, but as always, another planet they wouldn't visit in a long time...

When they jumped into hyperspace, Jarik moved away from the controls of the ship and looked curiously at the crates. - So that's our R5 - he asked.

- Yeah! I got it "borrowed" from the owner of that shop. Can you believe it? He had two R5s! - answered Jaleer cheerfuly.

When Jarik opened the crates and saw the serial number of the droid, he turned to stare at his friend. - Jaleer... this is not a new droid... and for the record, this one is neither a R5, it's just a R2 unit, and for how it looks, a broken one. - said Jarik slightly annoyed.

- A R2 you say? Bah! Who cares? R5, R2... it's just a number! And if it's broken I'm sure you can figure out how to fix it! - replied Jaleer without looking away from the lines of stars outside the cockpit.

- Do you think I have any idea about droid or how to repair them? I don't even know where goes each part of it!

- Well, we have plenty of time so you should start learning as soon as possible, don't you think?

- Sure, anytime sweetie - answered Jarik bitterly.

- Don't call me sweetie!! - yelled Jaleer - I'm two years older than you! I could be your mother!

- And I could be the Emperor's son and be planning to conquer the galaxy... - replied Jarik grabbing the crates and going to the cargo comparments.

Jarik spent the next weeks studying datapads and holorecords about droid's mechanics, specially the astromech ones. At the beginning it made less sense than a drunk wookie trying to explain how cities are built in Kashyyyk, but with patience, the studies became less and less complicated until he felt confident enough to repair and reassemble the R2 unit.

Over a few days, Jarik worked for long hours on the broken unit while Jaleer used to observe and joke about how he looked like a gamorrean trying to decipher Imperial codes, but she also became interested after some time in Jarik's work, admiting that he could even repair the droid.


When Jarik finished, he and Jaleer looked together at the droid wondering if it would work.

- Let's get it on and see what have you done to my droid - said Jaleer.

Without bothering to discuss about the droid's property, Jarik initiated the droid's main functions and the droid's head started to spin around non-stop while it was emiting a sound that was like if it was screaming.

- It's broken, turn it off! - Jaleer's voice was barely heard with all the noise.

Jarik made some last modifications in the circuits without paying attention to Jaleer and the droid's head stopped spinning and moved slowly, studying its surroundings while emited some low beeps.

- It's working, though I don't get what is he saying - admitted Jarik.

- Connect it to the ship's computer and we'll see - replied Jaleer arching an eyebrow.

Once plugged to the computer, the droid was able to communicate with the tripulation of the Long Runner.

- He identifies himself as the astromech droid R2-L7 from Industrial Automaton and thanks us for fixing him. - readed Jarik on the computer.

- And? Something else? - asked Jaleer curiously.

Jarik blushed and looked from a corner of an eye at Jaleer. - He wants to know who was the "broken" repair droid that installed his movement engines in his head instead on his base, and wonders if someone intelligent could place them properly so he can actually move from one place to another - whispered Jarik.

Probably the laughs that came from Jaleer after that statement are still echoing in the space.

Work in Progress

This story is still under development and will be updated as more information is added to Jarik Nyine's career and biography.

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