Jarka Porkins

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Member Profile
Jarka Porkins
Career Information
Callsign Warthog
Full RS Name Jarka Porkins
Rank Second Lieutenant
Join February 12th, 2006
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Bestine IV
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 29
Personal Information (Real Life)

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



Born on Bestine IV shortly before the empire "convinced" a large portion of the population they would be better off on another planet due to the new imperial naval yards and high-security ops center, Jarka grew up on Chandrila. He has been told he is of relation to the late Jek Porkins, but he's never really looked into it. When asked if he is any relation he usually answers with a negative. He feels that if he ever gains recognition for his skills he'd rather do it not riding on the coattails of another (although with Porkins being such a seemingly unusual name he is most likely related and people will most likely make the assumption anyway).

What piloting skills he has come from flying his, yes, T-16 skyhopper (is there anyone who hasn't flown or owned one of these?). As a relatively new recruit he hasn't much of a record yet, but hopes to do his part for the rebellion to the best of his ability.

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