Jay Forerunner

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Member Profile
Jay Forerunner
Career Information
Callsign Chief
Full RS Name Jay Forerunner
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Join March 3rd, 2010
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Current Command Positions Ministry of Propaganda
Other Current Positions Task Force Shochu 10, RF; Resurrection 2, VSG
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Beyond the Outer Rim ("undefined/uncharted" are decent substitutes)
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Hair color light brown
Eye color dark grey with a tint of blue
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Jay
Gender Male
Location Maryland
Age 19
Occupation creative master

Lieutenant Commander Jay Forerunner, Resurrection 2, has served in the RS since Mar 03, 2010.



Generally fearless, Jay is a seasoned veteran despite for his relatively underdog reputation amongst the Rebel Squadrons fleet, serving for little over a year. With his mentality, he is known to "never give up," ranging from educating stooges to fighting against a half-dozen stormtroopers. If he has the right motivation, he will only stop when he's dead beyond hope of recovery. Jay has a strong desire to seek knowledge in The Force and admires legendary figures such as Luke Skywalker, hailing them as his official role models. Jay prefers to be either the commanding officer, or in most cases, "his own boss."

Skill Sets

Jay is decently competent with virtually all core disciplines, and with anything he is not yet familiar with, he can quickly learn and understand. He can develop missions, fly them, and he's a Distinguished Expert with riflry. Very persuasive and charismatic, he is a well-deserving leader figure, sometimes actually making a defiant charge against the enemy despite for direct commands. While he wields a lightsaber, he also fancies heavy weapons such as Thermal Detonators, rocket launchers, and concussion rifles, much like the legend of Kyle Katarn. His second weapon of choice, aside for his lightsaber, would be a suped-up Mandalorian Blaster Cannon. Jay is also a good if not excellent pilot and he is known to be able to "upgrade" weapons and can make even the weakest blaster into something decently powerful if not into a heavy weapon in its own right. Technical savvy is only a side skill of his, even though he is studying this field and still improving. His most outstanding feature is his proficiency in seemingly every manner of known combat, from guns to swords to bombs to X-Wings. In summary, literally anything is a weapon...even words.


I have been wandering throughout known space and deep space, as a drifting starchaser, looking for and hunting aimlessly the injustices of corruption and oppression, wherever it may be. My homeworld is in a different galaxy far, far away I'm afraid, but I've heard rumors that it's the planet that developed the "Standard Time System." Disappointingly, there is no evidence to prove that claim. When I first visited this particularly galaxy, the home of this Rebel Alliance, I have stumbled upon some of the most memorable spacemarks I can recall; including my initiation into the Jedi Order. I am religiously a Jedi, yet when I spoke of this back home, my friends either didn't know what I was talking about or they thought I was making up stories and getting fantasies confused for actuality, which I have a tendency to do. I did demonstrate my ability in The Force, which as of the first usage was little more than short-term precognition. Now, I can sense danger a week away and plan accordingly to it. This is one reason I feel secure with myself: because I have a knack for solving problems and ending conflict, even if the solution is unpleasantly violent. However, this power is limited in that it only warns me of any threat to my own personal being, but does not forsee conflict in the futures of others. I am also highly talented with negotiation. With time, I had gained other powers, including the ability to jump high which later developed into complete levitation and even flight!

I had my own specially designed warp fighter, which I usually leave at home while in this galaxy because it is too precious to have in alien territory for too long, even if it were in a private maximum-security hanger. Well, if I were to officially declare residence somewhere here, I may consider flying it in as a way of declaring my new home.

When I first came to this galaxy at the age of 5 standard years, I recall always being impatient and compulsive, which weren't the best qualities to have, especially for someone as...energized as myself. I remember first meeting the New Jedi Council, and they, as we all should know they can, knew me inside and out; including my destructive tendencies and explosive personality. They saw me as already being influenced heavily by "The Dark Side." Back then, I suppose I was very prone to outbursts in ways that their order would have never approved. Sometimes I don't even want to think about it. I did get the chance to construct my lightsaber, though, and while I did find a red crystal, upon installing it into my lightsaber, the blade color wasn't the solid red that is known to be of the Sith, but actually it became much more diluted, actually a pink! How embarassing: what should've been a sharp, blood red blade turned into a pink one. This made me feel shameful because according to social taboo, pink is for girls and queers (homosexuals to be "politically correct"). I was and still am neither.

On the other hand, pink seems to be the favorite color of my dearest back home, someone that meant more than anyone could imagine for a kid my age. She and I may have had a rivalry back home, but it was because we were always not only going for the gold stars and brownie points, but we were infinitely trying to better ourselves, and we used each other to test both ourselves and each other. You'd think that a boy at my age would instinctually hate all girls, and for a time, I did...until she bested me AND even my brother, who I idolized no matter how much he used to pick on me. But the door opened both ways: she was impressed likewise by me, for being able to really put the pressure on her and give her "a run for the money" consistently, and I actually won a few of our personal bouts. We competed against each other in everything we could imagine: athletics, academics, foresight and planning, navigation, games of all sorts, the list goes on. A few times, I did dominate, and at others, she did. When we set aside our competitive spirits, there came room for mutual admiration, and thus some would say "love" was able to develop. Some might've giggled, some thought it was a simple crush, which kids DO get from time to time. But truth be told, it was far deeper, far more meaningful than anyone my age could've possibly imagined...or wanted to.

In her honor and memory due to the fact that I was indefinitely separated from her because of my travels (no she's still alive, I feel her heart beat even with how physically distant I am here, so I think that I developed a "Force Bond" with her and never realized it until I became awakened to The Force), I figured out a way to keep her with me through The Force and preserve my memories of us. Then an idea came to me: I would name my lightsaber after her: Blossom.

So, after I got my pink lightsaber, I was shocked that my teachers and masters did not ridicule me, but I guess from their perspective, pink's better than red since red would've been a sign of the "Dark Side." I think I am THE First Jedi with a PINK LIGHTSABER! Still, now that I had almost passed my trials and I was still a rowdy and ruff type of boy, it was time for them to initiate what they call "A Mandalorian Training." This meant that it was harsh, rigorous, and even for Jedi, brutal. On the other hand, I've been to Mandalore, and if I were to settle on any one planet here, that would be the one because they cater to my Warrior's Spirit, the urge to destroy. In time, I was able to suppress this urge, but it still remains even to this day, but with a civil war going on, I don't think that I will have a problem or a need to hold it back any longer. At my age now, I have gained a great deal of control, but I still am tempted to lash out at times, but of course I know I can't always do that.

I did mention I have a very good service record, which remains true. Believe it or not, but my first engagement of hostiles was when I was 5 standard years old, back when I made my first trek away from home. I didn't realize what my destiny was going to be nor did I realize what potential I had, and I unconsciously used my infinite zeal and stubbornness as a way to outendure my enemies. Some friends I made during those travels remark at how I "never give up." This is a very strong quality I have: I never give up. I always get the job done, even if I prefer working at the last minute until 0300 hours.

Years have passed since I begun, and with the proper guidance and the Jedi finding ways to make me wince to their wisdom, I became less and less brash, resulting in being seen as "on the path to redemption." Most of my "coming of age story" can be summarized as just that: I was a livewire, supposidly corrupted by psychotic instinct, who had to learn to control and sometimes exploit that instinct, eventually becoming much more toned down but still fierce when a situation demanded me to be.

Although I have observed the technology of the Empire, I do not like their system of order or how they rule the galaxy, mainly because if they could, they would lock me within certain bounderies, and as I said before, that means I would have no way to return home if I needed to for whatever reason, even if it be homesickness. That is one of my biggest ailments: with all the spacefaring and aimless exterminations I do throughout my intergalactic span, I do miss my home, my family, and time to simply relax. I'm also a BIG fan of free choice and free will, and with their policy of "OBEY the Emperor, OR ELSE," I was compelled to enlist into the Rebel Alliance. That's how I joined up and that's how I got here today. Yes it was very tempting to be a part of their Death Star 2 Project or work practically adjacent to Lord Vader on his Super Star Destroyer, but in the end, I had to turn them down.

Thank you for reading through my biography.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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