Jedi Knight

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a First - Person Shooter and is the sequel to Star Wars: Dark Forces and again follows the character of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary working for the Rebellion who infiltrated the Galactic Empire in the previous game.


In this game the player, as Katarn, discovers that his father has been murdered by a man named Jerec, the leader of seven Dark Jedi, who is searching for the mythical Valley Of The Lost Jedi. The Valley is said to contain the power of thousands of slain Jedi and would grant Jerec and his followers almost limitless power. What begins as a hunt for vengeance over the death of his father soon takes Katarn on a much more dangerous path as he learns the ways of the Jedi, learns to control the Force and masters the skills to wield the awesome Jedi weapon, the Lightsabre. As the game progresses, choices made throughout the missions affect the players alignment to either the Dark or Light side of the Force. Through labyrinthine city streets, sewers and cloud cities; from bounty hunters to masters of the Dark Arts Kyle must fight his way through those that oppose him and meet his destiny in either the Light...or the shadow.


diediedie	All Weapons
statuesque 1	Disable AI
statuesque 0	Disable AI
boinga 0	Disable Invincibility
freebird	Fly Mode
gimmestuff	Full Inventory
trixie	        Full Mana
cartograph	Full Map
trainme	Increase Force Level
boinga 1	Invincibility
quickzap	Jump to Specified Coordinates
gameover	Level Skip
gospeedgo 0	Normal Speed
gospeedgo 1	Slow Motion
iamagod	Unlimited Full Force Powers