Jelf boom

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Member Profile
Jelf Boom
Career Information
Callsign Gemini
Full RS Name Jelf Boom
Rank Major
Join November 9th, 2005
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Tatooine
Species Trandoshan
Gender Male
Age 29
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Butler, PA
Age 34

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.


  • Current rank: Major
  • Position: -
  • Medals: A total of 49.
  • Starfighter: TIE Advanced - Saber Tooth


Jelf Boom was born after the clone wars. His mother and father were decent bounty hunters and made a rather large income from the many bounties they had posted. He saw first hand how sometimes this lifestyle could become a path towards injustice and evil. He left home at the age of 19 to start a life of his own, mostly as a bartender in the local cantina. He only sought a simple life, but with the rise of the empire he began to see to many injustices and swore to himself if he ever got the chance he would change the way his species was viewed by the galaxy. He had a difficult time getting into the rebel alliance. Partly no one trusted him. But as time passed he proved that good people can come in any species. Equipped with a lightsaber that he found in his youth scavenging with his father he has no force powers but someday hopes to join the jedi academy a learn the ways of the force.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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