Jinx Katarn

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New Republic Data File 139 Current Assignment: Rebel Squadrons

Name: Jeir Katarn Know Alias: Jinx Katarn Nickname: Jinx Species: Human Planet of Birth: Coruscant Age: 30 Height: 75" Weight: 205 lbs

Occupation: New Republic Naval Officer Rank: Rear Admiral Force Sensitivity: Jedi Master Fleet Assignments: Aurora Force, Redemption Fleet

Personal History: Jeir Katarn was born to an unknown woman on Coruscant shortly after the war with the Separatists ended. She died shortly after his birth, his only clue to his heritage in his family name.

Jeir joined a local undercity gang in his early teens rather than continuing his education at the Imperial academy, earning enough credits to get off of the planet and begin a career as a bounty hunter and changed his first name to Jinx.

After a couple of years of completing low-threat bounties Jinx completed his first high-profile bounty in service of the fledgling Rebellion and his name quickly grew to become a major threat among Imperial Officers and Moffs in the Outer Rim territories.

Jinx wed a fellow bounty hunter (identity unknown) who was later killed by an Imperial Admiral's task force in retaliation for one of his bounties.

Jinx met Jedi Master Rekpar (Jedi Purge survivor) and began informal training to become a Jedi. He learned of his relation to Kyle Katarn during this time, searching the Rebel Agent out and developing a personal--though infrequent--relationship between the two.

Jinx was killed two years into his service in the New Republic, later reappearing in a clone body claiming to have the spirit of the original Jinx Katarn.

New Republic Employment History: Jinx was commissioned as an Officer one week after the Battle of Endor. New Republic command assigned him to the Rebel Squadrons upon completion of the Officer's Academy, presumably due to multiple proficiences related to combat.

He began his career in the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division under the Command of Teke Daggerscout, soon branching out as a pilot in Renegade Fleet and later Intrepid Battle Group. Jinx was one of the first members of the RSCD's elite Katarn Commandos and held command in numerous positions through the Rebel Squadrons, highest profile contributions being the creation of Chiin'Tal Wing, forming an official Jedi Academy, and the multi-purpose units Draco Squadron and Draco Platoon.

Jinx was killed in the line of duty while assaulting an Imperial Outpost during a covert operation far into the Outer Rim territories. A year later he reappeared, claiming to be the same person as before and displaying a greater control over the Force. He was assigned directly to Aurora Force, where he remains today as a Rear Admiral and holding the rank of Jedi Master.

New Republic Intelligence Data: Jinx is a loose cannon, completely loyal and yet not very well fit to hold command positions due to a distinct pattern of disappearing for months on end.

Command recognizes the importance of rebuilding the Jedi population as an essential step of maintaining control over the galaxy, and tends to be extremely forgiving of these unauthorized absences. Commanders with Jinx in their employ are directed to limit his responsibilities when they pertain to any unit larger than a platoon/squadron.

Master Skywalker feels the clone body of Jinx is truly the original spirit of the man; speculation explains it as a rebirth due to some greater destiny for him through the Force.

Jinx displays a strange attunement to the elements through his control of the Force, several confirmed reports of wind and water manipulation are attributed to him.

Jinx's bank accounts hold a large sum of credits (at the time of this report exceeding several million credits); no known land ownership; one modified CEC YT-2400 and one ETA-2 Actis Interceptor owned.

-End of File-