Joak Drysso

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Joak Drysso
Career Information
Full RS Name Joak Drysso
Rank Captain
Join October 15th, 2006
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Current Offices Academy
Current Command Positions

  • RS Empire at War Undergrad Instructor
  • Tactician Training CO
  • Tactician Training B CO
Other Current Positions Task Force Chisha XO
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Coruscant
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 38
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location FOB Falcon, Iraq
Age 20

A member of the Rebel Squadrons, currently serving in the RF's Task Force Chisha.



My name is Joak Drysso. I defected to the Alliance shortly after the massacre at Derra IV and have since served as a fighter pilot and naval captain in the Rebel Alliance.

When I came of age I decided to leave for the Academy to be a Officer in the Imperial Navy. I graduated the Academy at the top of my class and was assigned to a Corellian Corvette Fury in the Outer Rim. I served with distinction against the many Pirate and Smuggler groups that infested the region and was promptly promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and given the position of Bridge Flight Officer. After a year of serving as Flight Officer, I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and served as First Officer of the Fury. I was almost upon my promotion to Captain and being given command of the Fury, when I made a decision that would forever change my life.

We were in route to the Bilbringi ship yards for repairs and servicing when we were instructed to divert our course to Alzoc 3 to deal with rebel sympathizers organizing on the planet's surface. It came as a surprise to me since the Talz were renown for being neutral and avoided conflict. We landed and dispatched a platoon of stormtroopers to take care of the problem. Little to my knowledge, this was not about rebel sympathies at all, but merely a demonstration of Imperial might. The stormtroopers proceeded to shoot anyone on sight... men, women, or children... it did not matter to them. They blew up public buildings throughout the city and caused as much destruction and havoc as they could, all because they wanted the Talz to know they were inferior because they were aliens. I was sickened by the cruelty and evil done by my fellow officers and soldiers and I realized then that I could not remain in Imperial service. I waited until we arrived at Bilbringi and hi-jacked a shuttle from the shipyards. I didn't know what I would do, or where I would go, but I vowed that I would never help the Empire harm innocents again.

I bought and fixed up an old Y-wing before deciding that I would head for Alderaan. At least the Imperials had left the planet alone, and it was known throughout the galaxy of their dedication to peace and justice. As I exited hyperspace I found myself staring out at an asteroid field that shouldn't have been there. I looked down at my Navcomputer to double check my coordinates and confirmed that I was in the Alderaan system. I knew something was wrong but I had no clue just how bad it was.

I began hopping from system to system doing odd jobs and favors for people just so I could stay busy. About two weeks after my trip to the Alderaan system I found out what had really happened, how the Empire had destroyed the world just to test out their new weapon, and how the Death Star had been destroy over Yavin by a handful of Rebels. Some of them the same pirates and smugglers that I had sought after during my tours in the Outer Rim. I had some misgivings about how most of the Rebels had or did operate outside the law, but I admired how they had the courage to stand up to might of the Imperial Navy. They were doing exactly what I felt like doing, hitting back at an evil that attempted to control the galaxy, and if not control it then destroy it.

I attempted to search them out, but the same elusiveness that hid them from the Empire hid them from me. Occasionally I heard more stories throughout my travels of rebel forces hitting Imperial convoys, and supply depots, and various targets that would annoy and hinder Imperial activity. Then just as it seemed that the rebels might be able to keep up their hit and run attacks on Imperial targets indefinitely, news got out about Derra IV. Apparently the Imperials had learned about a rebel convoy that would stop in the system and had set an ambush for them. The convoy was nearly defenseless with only a handful of starfighters guarding a variety of transports carrying much needed supplies. Needless to say, it was a massacre... with over ninety percent losses for the rebel forces, the rebels had been dealt a solid blow.

It was because of Derra IV that I was able to find the Rebellion. Most of their transports had been lost at Derra IV and they now had to hire smugglers and traders to move there supplies. As it turned out I was hired to fly cover for one of those traders when he received a request to bring a shipment of airspeeder heating coils to a planet called Hoth. Now I had never been to the Hoth system, but I remembered it from Fury's starcharts as being uninhabited and very inhospitable.

When we arrived in system and landed I was surprised to find myself in the middle of an Alliance base. I immediately sought out the highest ranking individual I could find and asked if I there was an opening in any of their squadrons. I was accepted immediately and assigned to Phoenix Squadron. As my luck turns out I showed up just in time for the invasion of Hoth, and barely escaped with the last transport.

I flew several missions and was repeatedly decorated for my flying skill and bravery, before long I was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. I loved to fly but it just wasn't my first love. More than ever I wanted to command my own ship again, but it wasn't until after the Battle of Endor that I got my wish. With the second Death Star destroyed and the Imperial fleet shattered I put in for transfer for Starship Command. Due to my past experience and the quantity of captured Imperial vessels after the battle my offer was accepted. I was given a choice of ships that I might want to command and was dumbfounded to learn than my old ship, the Fury, was on the list as captured.

After selecting the Fury, I was sent back out to those same Outer Rim systems I had patrolled during my service to the Empire. Except this time it was different, I was the one the Imperial patrols were looking for. My job was to hit Imperial targets of opportunity whenever they arose. Anything from supply depots, communication relays, to lightly armored convoys. I remained out in the Outer Rim sectors annoying the empire and occasionally helping Alliance strike forces hit strategic targets for years. I began to realize that I would never amount to anything if I remained in my current assignment.

I had harassed the Imperial's in the region for almost five years now, constantly playing a game of hunter and hunted. I was far enough in enemy controlled space that I only was able to contact the Alliance every three or four months and that was mostly for resupply and refits for the Fury. But even with the danger involved with my mission, nothing I was accomplishing was enough to be even noticed by Fleet Command. I had been the Captain of the Fury since the Battle of Endor, but I hadn't even gotten my promotion to 2nd Lieutenant!

On my next resupply run, I sent a message to Fleet Command requesting a transfer, hoping for a chance to be assigned somewhere that I could actually be given a chance to excel. Less than a week later, to my surprise, I received a transmission from Home One, directly from Admiral Ackbar, accepting my request for transfer and assigning me to Rebel Squadrons, a newly made fleet based out of the Greeop Sector on the edge of New Republic and Imperial space.

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