John "Speedy" Gonzalez

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Member Profile
John Gonzalez
Career Information
Callsign Speedy
Full RS Name John "Speedy" Gonzalez
Rank Major General
Join September 1997
Current Status Retired/Reserve
Past Positions of note
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Tanaab
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Personal Information (Real Life)
Age 28

Retired Major General, former Redemption Fleet XO, former Defense Operations Fleet XO.

John "Speedy" Gonzalez joined the RS in September of 1997. At this time he was known as SpeedyG_RS. As a Mac X-Wing player, he joined Crusader Fleet, entering Delta Squadron, which was under command of then Commander Raptor (aka Dave Trebonious-Astoris). You may see his cadet welcome email here. Over the course of his career, which included 3 periods of activity, he held a number of positions.

Service in the RS

Phase 1

During his first phase of activity, Speedy rose up the ranks in Crusader Fleet and held several command positions at the squadron and wing levels. He also served as XO of Defense Operations Fleet, the XvT unit that later became Renegade Fleet. He was a commando in the CD, served as a Recruiting Officer, and helped to co-found Allegiance Battle Group.

Phase 2

During his second phase of activity, Speedy became XO of Redemption Fleet, served as RS Multimedia Director, and was again a Recruiting Officer.

Phase 3

In his final phase of activity, which ended sometime around 2004, Speedy was a Deputy Internet Officer and the Minister of External Affairs.

In general, Speedy served the RS in bursts of activity, taking on positions and fulfilling his duties for several months, and then retiring from them. His longest period of active service was his first. He is currently inactive and on reserve status.

Fictional Background

Copied from profile biography.


Xian was born of humble beginnings as a boy named John Gonzalez. His family worked for a struggling shipping company on Ord Mantell where his father was the dock supervisor and mother an administrative assistant. John (not yet Xian) was following his parents footsteps learning the industry trade, though, he yearned to join the Imperial Academy to become an officer of the Empire.

Through the shipping company, John became familiar with piloting small vessels in and out of the spaceport and onto larger ships orbiting above. As harmless as it seemed, is lifeless job brewed discontent within his spirit; John dreamt of being a fighter pilot. Only the Force would know where his desires would take him, but eventually, the time came for his father's retirement and John would come into his future. Fate though would deal a unfortunate card that would change his life forever.

A rival shipping company was caught by the Imperials smuggling illegal weapons and spice for a crime syndicate. With the other firm under investigation, John's employer would be called to deliver the evidence to the orbiting Imperial dreadnought. Unfortunately, the seeds of Rebellion had spread far across the galaxy and a shipping raid was at hand. John clung for life as he dodged the invading pirates from capture but his family was not as lucky. He saw his father and mother's cargo shuttle disabled and captured by the enemy. He knew not where they would be taken, only that he would avenge his parents after his enrollment into the Academy.


The Imperial support crew assigned to intervene the pirate raid caught a glimpse of John's piloting skills. The task force's commander had mistaken the frightened civilian's desparate flee into a skilled combatant's evade so he recruited John onboard his team. He personally enrolled John into the Imperial Academy on Corellia monitoring his prized calf grow into a raging bull.

Finally, John's dreams became reality. He would become a fighter pilot and exact his revenge against the malicious pirates who had kidnapped his family.

Naturally, all the years at the shipping company aided John's progression at the Academy. He flew with high marks and excelled in his courses. After his graduation, he was assigned to the Ord Mantell patrol group where the commander he met welcomed him into his staff. But the return home was not as pleasant as he expected.


For over two years, John had served the Imperial Navy as a flight group leader for the Ord Mantell operations. Under the vigilant task force commander, John's talents had strengthened along with his leadership abilities. It seemed that though his past haunted the very space he protected, his future was steering toward brighter stars. However, fate again taunted his promising life. Somehow, destiny decided that misfortune should strike again.

On a routine patrol run over the shipping routes, a raiding party had dropped in to collect some supplies. It appeared that the same raiding party that had stolen away his family returned to create chaos again. Only this time, they would not meet a simple shipping clerk in a clumsy cargo tug but rather a lieutenant of the Imperial Navy in a sleek TIE Interceptor. Now, the strange vessels shaped like flying X's and Y's had met their match. The opportunity for venegance neared as the fireballs of exploding spacecraft flashed in and out of the vacuum of space. It was then that in one of the supporting vessels that John's universe was flipped upside-down again.

In a modified cargo tug used in the raid, he thought he had saw a ghost! The pilot looked very much like his father and the navigator at the controls was his mother! He staggered a second only to be awakened by a shot smacking his left ventral wing. He growled as he veered to evade his enemy only to find himself flipping around and right behind his attacker. He shot the X down with gusto... and targetted the cargo tug next.

Though he was struck with the passion of combat and survival, he was hesitant. What if those people in the tug was his family? Had he been decieved for so long and why?!

His commander radio'ed in to report. The Imperial Navy was frantic and choatic as the thoughts that tortured John's mind. He closed his eyes and felt his heart tug at him like the cargo tug pulled on the supply containers. He took a deep breath and sighed away his doubts. He looked onto his target and squeezed the firing triggers. Within seconds a tiny flash of fire lit and died, a TIE Fighter had been shot down before it could spray its laser on the defenseless cargo tug. Immediately, his radio filled with shouts of insults and cries of betryal. He tuned them out before switching to a frequency that could be heard by the invaders.

He called out to them hoping he would hear them. He spoke confidently and clear of his intentions... they responded. But before they could offer him any solace and love, he was shot down by an Interceptor. The task force commander had ordered his execution before his court martial. It was then that John saw nothing else but the dark coldness of space...


John awoke to a medical droid peering down upon him with inquistive green lights for eyes. His stinging eyes ached with pain and his head pounded as if concussion missiles where exploding right next to him. He groaned at the punishment of his humanity but at the same time he welcomed the life like water to a thirsty dewback. Two figures were approaching but he could not make out their identity. Something in his soul told him it was okay and after the familiar fragance of his mother's perfume filled his lungs he knew it was safe. He vaguely heard the comforting sounds of their voices rejoicing in his recovery before he blacked out again.

Prelude to a Legend

John was reborn after his struggle with the Imperials and the "pirates." Apparently, the pirates were the Rebel Alliance raiding the Imperial supply routes for resources to aid their cause. Two years ago, his family was caught in the raid and was given a choice to join the Alliance or be subjected to Imperial inquisition only to be given a harsh punishment in the mines of Kessel. To the Imperials, everyone was an agent of the rebellion and even his own parents were threatened before they escaped. They were caught in the confusion without the ability to contact their child and any communications thereafter were impossible. But they knew he would be strong and survive well. Of course his parents did not expect John to join the Imperial Navy! But nevertheless, they believed that fate would bring their family together.

Now, under the protection of the New Republic, John had offered his talents and skills to the fledgingly government. His parents retired from service and were given safehaven on Ord Mantell which is now under the New Republic. Unfortunately, John was branded a rogue member with the Empire and a bounty was placed upon his head by the task force commander. So John changed his identity to Xian Ysi Zephyr and enrolled into the Rebel Squadrons. Within the rag-tag battlegroup patrolling the Outer Rim sector, John would wait for the time he could repay the favor to his former commander.