Joshua Hawkins

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Joshua Hawkins
Biographical information
Homeworld Derra IV
Date of birth 14:4:19
Family Steve Hawkins (Brother)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Weight 190 pounds
Hair color Brown;Long in a pony tail
Eye colorHazel
Chronological and political information
Era(s) New Republic
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons / New Republic
Ranks Admiral
Titles Internet Officer

Admiral Joshua Hawkins is a former Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander. He currently serves in the Internet Office and has served the RS since Nov 15, 2003.

Home life

Ahh Derra IV, a peaceful planet. Nothing entertaining going on here, mainly we keep to ourselves. We're not completely backwater folks, but we're close. Being a small planet, we're not interested in the goings on around the galaxy, who's fighting who this week was never an important conversation to us. Don't get me wrong, we have no love of the empire, but we tried to stay out of the public view. We were however secretly helping the Rebel Alliance.

As a kid growing up, my brother and I got into a lot of trouble. There was nothing to do and we have dreams and visions of being out amongst the stars. So of course when the latest news and technology came into the local starport, we were the first ones in to take a look at it. Especially since we snuck our way in most of the time. I spent most of my time with gadgets, and computer while my brother spend time with the droids and ships. Ahh the good old days. I became an accomplished slicer, and my brother a pilot. We both were good at fixing things though, so that helped out.

Our father was a quiet man, he went to work in the local city as some desk jockey. We never bothered to learn about what he did, he was always away from home traveling. Our mother however, had another side to her that even we didn't know about. Our mother was part of the Rebels. She was a pilot! How she kept this from us for so long we'll never know, but with us always out getting into trouble, I'm quite sure she found the time. Such a wonderful woman she was. Sweetest woman on the planet, helped everyone who asked.

Now, I'm not saying we have family issues, but I know my folks fought a few times. Probably over my mom being a pilot. However, we were always told it was over credits, o the lack there of. There were times I would have thought my dad turned mom in to the empire for being with the rebels, but I know that's a silly thought. We had our problems, but I know deep down they loved each other.

Which brings me to the day that put Derra IV on the map. The ambush. We noticed a heavily guarded transport in the local city here, but we just figured they were delivering supplies. Little did we know that not only were they going to take supplies off the planet, but my mother was there on that ship as well. I found out when I got home, she left a note for us explaining what was going on and what she was doing. I was never more proud to be her son until that day. She was to help pilot one of the transports that carried supplies to Hoth. Though she never told us that in her letter, we found out afterwards through my creative slicing abilities. We never even got to say goodbye. My brother tried to get a ship and go with her, but no one would allow it. It was for the best anyway, as later that day, we're heard the convoy was attacked. All hands lost. It was a day that haunts me still. To know that people died bringing supplies to free the galaxy. At that time I decided to hurt the empire anyway I could. They must pay for killing my mother.

So I began an expedition, and found other slicers. We became intelligence gatherers. We struck and fount any imperials we could find on the planet. Since that ambush, they haven't left us. There were alot of imperials here looking for more rebels. That's when they started taking the non-humans away. They took friends of mine, and even my father. When they realized his wife was a pilot for the rebels he was quickly brought to the city for imperial questioning. Sadly he told them every thing he knew, but he was a changed man. The interrogation left him broken. So I said my goodbyes to him that day to spare him any more pain. I went in search of tools and weapons to start taking back our planet.

My brother an I split that day mom took off, he was very resentful that I wouldn't let him fly off to help. I'm glad I stopped him, and looking back I hope he forgives me, but he would have died as well. He contacted his friend Shane and they both took off for parts unknown to get away from here. They joined up with the Rebel Squadrons shortly after. I however, tried to reclaim this planet. So my slicing brought me to a remote airbase. Which housed some gunboats and a couple of TIE fighters. This leads me to how I acquired my ship, Cheap Trick.

Life away from Home

Having left my home and my friends for good, I figured it was time to search for the last bit of family I had left. So I joined my brother in the rebel squadrons. My slicing abilities came in handy as I was assigned to the Strategic and Tactical command operations of the RS. There we plotted and planned out every move the empire would make. It was like playing galactic chess, but the pieces were people. I became very concerned that I would be sending people to their death, and so I stepped away from that position. It was then that my brother convinced me to be a pilot for the Patriot Battle Fleet. He told me that they needed pilots desperately, the empire was giving them a beating. So for old times sake and to try and to try and keep my brother out of trouble again I decided to join. I never would have imagined I would be in a position to command the whole force. Yet, I'm still sending people to their death in chess. I'm here to do a job, because I have to. Though, ever soul that passes on under my command is one more part of me that dies with them. I will carry their names with me until my end, and I will be proud that they died defending freedom. Maybe in the Great Beyond, when everything gets laid out on the table, my soul won't be as black as I think it is. Carrying the weight of all the people I've killed and who were killed under my command.

For I will never forget what happened to my home and to my friends and family. I vow to the RS, that I will not let it happen again. The RS is my home now, and my family. I will do everything I can to protect them. This is my way of revenge, by living on.

Current Activities

Joshua is the current Internet Officer, and resident PITA.

Real life

You know that place outside of the internet? I'm an stay at home dad who works retail at night. Which basically means I stock shelves and get yelled at a lot. I'm learning web programming in my spare time, which is basically because I run the RS site now. So I figure I should learn what I'm doing. ;)