Jotheb Tahn

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Jotheb Tahn
Biographical information
Homeworld Sernpidal
Date of birth 7:1:20 (37 years old)
Family Unknown
Physical description
Species Ryn
Gender Male
Height 1.56 metres
Weight 76 kilograms
Hair color White
Eye colorYellow
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Major
Titles VSG Training CO, Hydra CO, Dragon SO

Major Jotheb Tahn has been a pilot in both Dragon and Hydra squadrons since joining Rebel Squadrons in October of 2006. Recently his activity and responsibility has increased, first with the position of VSG TO, then appointment as Commanding Officer of Hydra Squadron, and also an assistance role as Dragon SO. Recently he has also taken up tactical command, as a member of Task Force Ninjin.