KDY Zeta Depot

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KDY Zeta Depot
Production information
Class Telgorn Shipyard
Technical specifications
Length 1.44 km
Width 1.4 km
Height/depth 1.56 km
Shielding 9600 SBD
Hull 4576 RU
  • Station crew - 3650
  • Engineers - 800
  • Mechanics - 2200
  • Other systems
  • Command center
  • Twin hangars
  • Docking platforms
  • Usage
  • Spaceborne starship construction
  • Drydock
  • Earliest sighting IBG 504
    Destroyed IBG 504
    Present for battles/events IBG 504
    Affiliation Galactic Empire

    Imperial shipyard.


    Part of Imperial complex engaged by Republic Shield forces investigating the region of space. The Star Destroyer Parallax’s arrival abated the attack force for a while, which in turn attracted Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Strike Cruiser Dragon's Fire, who recklessly engaged the Star Destroyer. The Parallax successfully drove off the attacking capital ships, and attempted to protect the complex from elements of the attack force that persisted. However the outpost lasted about as long as the Star Destroyer, as Republic Shield forces rallied and launched a devastating attack upon the Imperial forces. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (IBG504)


    Behind the Scenes

    This facility was originally named Shipyard, but was deemed unsuitable by the Logistics Office. Retroactively renamed by the Logistics Office.

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