Kane "Kid" Dev Redron

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Kane Redron
Biographical information
Homeworld Kuat
Date of birth 27:4:21 (16 years old)
Family Redron
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters (6'0")
Weight 91 kilograms (200 Lbs)
Hair color Blonde
Eye colorBrown
Distinguishing features Pilot/Commando
Chronological and political information
Era(s) New Republic
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Ex-Imperial Navy Pilot
Ranks Commander

Dragon Squadron Executive Officer,

STC Commanding Officer

Colonel Kane "Kid" Dev Redron, Resurrection 3, has served in the RS since Feb 11, 2006.

Kane Redron is a kind of guy that likes just about everything... except someone direspectful.

As of the 17th of October 2006, Commander Redron is involved in multiple divisions of the RS.

  • Renegade Fleet : He started his career in the XvT fleet, entering in Twilight Squadron which was dismantled shortly after. Now, he is part of Dragon Squadron and is heavily involved in it, serving as the squadron's executive officer with distinction.
  • Intrepid Battle Group : Kane is not really part of it, as he is still in the Academy and has problems with installing missions.
  • Redemption Fleet : Kane is interested in multiple sections of the fleet. He participates in the RID, CD, Jedi Division and STC (which he acquired command of not long ago)
  • Patriot Battle Fleet : Kane is someone that is interested in just about anything that is Star Wars. And when he heard he could get the X-Wing game, that old DOS game from the 1990s, he jumped at the occasion. He is now in Crimson Squadron, the squadron he thinks is undefeatable as they are united by frienship.
  • Allegiance Battle Group : Kane joined the group in early January 2007. Even if he does not have a lot of time to participate, he loved any sim he was in.

He is also a map and mission editor, creating the missions for Dragon Squadron's upcoming ITOD and as well as the STC's ITOD .

Current Positions

Vigilance Starfighter Fleet

Dragon Squadron Executive Officer

Redemption Fleet

Strategic and Tactical Command Commanding Officer

Member of Task Force Shochu

Member of Cronos Platoon

Member of Jedi Level

Member of 212th Wampas

Allegiance Battle Group

Member of Allegiance Academy

Patriot Battle Fleet

Member of Crimson Squadron

Rebel Squadrons

XWA Mission Builder

Former Positions

Renegade Fleet

Member of Twilight Squadron

Dragon Executive officer

Intrepid Battle Group

Member of Training Wing

Redemption Fleet

Member of Battlers Platoon

Member of the Zeison Sha Commandos

Kane's ships/starfighters

Unnamed yet (Temporary : Pride of Endor)
Production information
Class B-Wing
Modified by Rebel Squadrons
Technical specifications
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Hyperdrive system Slayn & Korpil HYd-997 Motivator Drive Unit
Hull Titanium Alloy Hull
Complement 0
Crew 1
Minimum crew 1
Passengers 0
Consumables 2 weeks
Role(s) Heavy Assault
Earliest sighting Dragon202
Present for battles/events Dragon202
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
Known owner(s) Kane Redron
Known commander(s) Kane Redron

Production information
Class T/I starfighter
Modified by Sienar Fleet Systems
Technical specifications
Length 6.22 meters
Width 9.6 meters long
Maximum speed (space) 111
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 111 MGLT
Hyperdrive rating None
Hyperdrive system None
Shielding None
Hull 15 RU
Armament 4 SFS LS-9.3 Cannons (1 missing)
Complement N/A
Crew 1
Minimum crew 1
Passengers N/A
Cargo capacity 75 kilograms
Consumables 2 weeks
Role(s) Space Superiority Assault Fighter
Latest sighting Hangar of the temple
Present for battles/events Small battle within two imperial factions
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Known owner(s) Kane Redron
Known commander(s) Kane Redron

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