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Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Karideph system
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Primary terrain Urban, gardens
Length of Day 21 Standard Hours
Length of Year 240 Standard Days
Population 88,000,000,000
Native species Kari
Immigrated species Humans, others
Major cities Capital City
Affiliation New Republic
Exports Foodstuffs
Import Foodstuffs, others.

Karideph is a metropolis planet in the Minos Cluster, serving as an endpoint where the Trition Trade Route mets the Rimma Trade Route.

This planet is one of the most overpopulated places in the galaxy. Like Coruscant, Karideph's surface is dominated by cities, with any space not given over to buildings being consumed with endless tiers of well-groomed gardens. There is no longer any wilderness or wildlife on Karideph. Even the mountains and seas have been turned into terraced and manicured plots.

Karideph's temperate climate allows for the operation of successful farms and thus, much of the planet's industry is geared toward the production of food for its incomprehensible numbers; foodstuffs also top the list of items imported to the planet.

The planet's native sentient race, the Kari, supported the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, although they were prone to any attack which left them without a constant source of food.