XQ4 Space Platform.jpg
Production information
Class XQ4 Space Platform
Technical specifications
Length 885 meters
Width 1,001 meters
Height/depth 196 meters
Shielding 2560 SBD
Hull 1216 RU
Earliest sighting RgF 404
Present for battles/events RgF 404
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons

Republic Shield station. Captured abandoned pirate station formerly known as Kodiak.


Repaired and maintained by Republic Shield forces, and defended by New Republic task force led by the Strike Cruiser Sulu. The Frigate Corinne oversaw repair operations on the station, and the shields were partially restored when Republic Shield forces arrived to relieve patrolling New Republic forces. The arrival of New Republic forces desperately requesting reinforcements for its parent task force prompted the withdrawal of the standing defences, as the New Republic task force led by the Sulu rushed to the aid of the besieged forces. Shortly after the New Republic defence fleet had evacuated the area an Imperial attack force led by the Strike Cruiser Scorpio and backed up by the Frigate Pisces arrived and laid siege the base. Republic Shield forces successfully held Imperial forces at bay until reinforcements led by the Victory Star Destroyer Overseer, formerly the Kingpin, arrived to drive off the attacking forces. Republic Shield forces rallied to the Overseer, and inflicted enough damage upon the Zodiac ships to force them to retreat. Final wave of attack forces led by the escort transport Glutton arrived to continue the attack, but realising the tide of the battle had turned, promptly led a successful withdrawal from the area. Shortly after the area was secured by Republic Shield forces and the platform spared from destruction, apparently-New Republic forces returned to the area to report the task force led by the Sulu was caught in an ambush. Republic Shield forces then rallied to reinforce the New Republic task force. (RgF404)


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