Kaz Falcion

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"Hero? Comes with the phrase "posthumously awarded" too often for my tastes."
— Kaz Falcion
Kaz Falcion
Biographical information
Homeworld Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Physical description
Species Unknown humanoid
Gender Male
Height 1.82 metres (6'0")
Weight 93 kilograms (205lb)
Hair color Black
Eye colorSilver
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Fleet Admiral
Titles The King

Fleet Admiral Kaz Falcion, a humanoid male with a long history of service with the Rebel Squadrons, most notably within the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division, and more recently with the Zealot Special Operations Group. He has served in the RS since Dec 01, 1996.

During his twenty plus year career Kaz has served at all levels of command throughout the RS, from Squadron CO all the way up to the position of Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander.


"Falcion, you son of a bitch you'll get us all killed!"
Dain Foran, Former squadmate Delta Company

Early life

Though it sounds cliche, the early history of the man known as Kaz Falcion remains for the most part a mystery.

The earliest notes in his military records indicate that Kaz served as a mercenary for a number of years during the Galactic Civil War, aiding the Rebellion in a freelance capacity on a number of still mostly classified operations.

His whereabouts before then are known only to Kaz himself, and he has been exceedingly reluctant to speak about his past except for divulging that he has little to no knowledge of his family, place of birth, or even of his exact age.

Rumors gathered from abnormalities in his medical file indicate Kaz is at most only half human, but anyone who's questioned him on the topic has been met with threats of violence if the subject is not quickly dropped.

It is known that by the end of the war against the Imperials, Kaz had accepted a formal commission to join the ranks of the Rebellion, and for his actions found himself promoted quickly through the ranks as the fledgling New Republic military took shape.

Deltas Never Die

Attached to the newly formed Republic Shield taskforce in the Outer Rim, Kaz found himself assigned to the RS Commando Division, home of an as of yet unknown entity by the name of Delta Company.

Following the unexpected death of his CO during an orbital drop, Kaz assumed command of the company, with his improvisational leadership narrowly turning sure disaster into a victory that helped the RS gain a firm foothold in their newly settled territory.

From that day on, Delta became the premiere commando unit in the RS arsenal, known for taking on impossible odds and being called on to lead the way in the struggle to push Imperial Remnant forces out of the Outer Rim once and for all.

Continued success on the field gradually began to attract the notice of Kaz's superiors, who eventually talked the now veteran commando into somewhat reluctantly stepping up into the higher ranks of command.

Learning Curve

To say that Kaz's transition from a down in the mud grunt to a starched and polished high officer was a bit bumpy would be a gross understatement. Used to the efficient and expedient methods of battlefield command, he was wholly unprepared for the glacial pace and mountains of red tape involved in the bureaucratic process that helmed the RS military machine.

Each week there seemed to be a new and colorful entry into Kaz's service record regarding a verbal exchange with his fellow High Command members, from pointed criticisms of tactics to statements involving the past actions of their mothers. The root of the problem of course was that Kaz, a man who'd spent almost every waking moment of his life fighting to see another day was now forced to fight with politicians over training budgets and logistic reports.

While he did manage to slip away from the halls of the RS Command Dome on Blerthmore for a time in an unofficial soldiering capacity with Aurora Force, the wheels of politics would once more begin turning towards forcing Kaz to assume higher responsibilities.

Back to Basics

Kaz's final reprieve from what he deemed being trapped in military career hell came when then Fleet Commander Michael Raven oversaw the creation of a highly specialized, and not entirely on the books special forces unit to undertake missions unsuited to mainline RS forces. Given his experience, record, and the fact he likely would've gone even without official clearance, Kaz was assigned to the newly created Zealot Special Operations Group.

Zealot, commanded by the eccentric Torin Qel-Droma was everything Kaz could have hoped for and more. Typical mission parameters involved being dropped deep behind enemy lines, facing suicidal odds without proper support or equipment, with everything that could possibly go wrong managing to do so at the worst possible time. All of it added up to just the type of excitement that he'd been missing for so long.


"Quite possibly the most intelligent sociopath I've ever encountered "
— Excerpt from confidential military psychological evaluation.

Kaz's reputation is that of a cold, remorseless and brutally efficient killer, and while on the surface this might seem an accurate description, there's a lot more to the man than most people would believe.

Morally, Kaz maintains a very rigid sense of honor in always following the right path, though his own views of right and wrong do not necessarily always agree with that of society's norm. If he feels it to be the appropriate response, Kaz will not hesitate to kill in situations where others might consider a more diplomatic approach.

Distant in his dealings with others, Kaz is reluctant to offer his trust, but has been known to show tremendous loyalty towards those few he has deemed worthy, which generally means those he's fought alongside in some capacity or another.

His dark nature often masks a high level of intelligence. As he lacks a true background of his own, Kaz has become an avid student of history over the years, focusing primarily on a number of alien cultures and languages.

Highly disciplined and at times almost stoic in his approach to combat, Kaz nevertheless possesses an almost legendary temper off the field of battle, making him an implacable foe for any unlucky enough to cross him.

Kaz can often find something to make light of even in the midst of a firefight, as a dark sense of humor is among his ways of deflecting the stress and tension of his profession.


Daughter: Captain Meryl Ardana, Deceased


"I'm all about equality. Everyone bleeds and dies about the same, I've found."
— Kaz Falcion

Keen tactical mind from countless years of service, able to draw up and execute battle plans for situations involving single fireteams to divisional maneuvers with a tendency to improvise on the fly.

As Zealot team scout, Kaz makes use of his stealth skills for the use of force reconnaissance and counter insurgency operations.

An expert at close quarters combat, Kaz is highly proficient with melee weapons as well as unarmed fighting.