Keldar "Whisper" Wenn

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Member Profile
Keldar Wenn
Career Information
Callsign Whisper
Full RS Name Keldar "Whisper" Wenn
Rank Major
Join February 18th, 2006
Current Status On Leave
Current Station CRS Ad Astra
Other Current Positions Resurrection 7
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Drax IV
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 23
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Czech Republic
Age 27

A member of the Rebel Squadrons, currently On Leave.



I was born on Drax IV,my childhood was not a happy one.Both of my parents were killed by the Empire, when I was 7. Or at last, thats what everybody told me- that evil galactic Empire murdered my parents, and I should seek revange... and you know what? I didn't. I was barely able to figure out that I´m never going to see my parrents again, and by the laws of our people, I belonged into orphanerium, which I didn´t like. so I ran. I ran like I was never going to stop. I was hiding in the forests, hunting for food and I tried to avoid any contacts with another people. Amongst our people, anyone who refuses to subdue himself to the law, is considered fugutive and there is only one punishment for that. Guess which one... So I spent allmost 4 years in hiding. After that, I was hunting one day as usual, and I accidentaly stumbled upon a well-hidden camp full of fugutives. They welcomed me warmly, because I was the same as them- fugutive with death penalty assured... So I stayed at their camp for another four years, succesfully hiding from the local authorities. After that period of time, me and few other youngsters found ourselves somehow uncomfortable at the camp, everyday fear of being caught and executed deprived us, and we also thought that the law abiding society owes us a big time, so we came up with a plan how to sneak to the local spaceport and steal a ship there. The plan was good. But it allmost failed, after we were discovered by the spaceport security. By the way, my nickname "Whisper" was given to me, because i whispered "Hey, you!" to the guard from the dark corner I was hiding in to distract his attention so others can move past him unseen. Maybe that was not the smartest thing to do... We barelly made it out of there allive in stolen YT-1300, and after some really needed repairs (and a celebration party, of course), we decided to become smugglers. So we payed some of our hard-earned money (don´t ask me how we earned them, I won´t tell...) for changing our ship ID codes and started the bussiness. We were doing pretty good, and I´m guite sure we were becoming quite well known in this shady bussiness, untill... It was around six years after our escape from Drax IV, we were dellivering some black market goods to Yaga Minor, when we got ambushed by Imperial Customs Service (or whatever these guys call themselves). All my friends died that day. I don´t know how I was able to survive, but I did. I was able to make it back to the ship, and then managed to jump to hyperspace after spectacular chase with some Tie´s. Because my hyperdrive was damaged during escape, I was dropped out of hyperspace right in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, I managed to repair the damage to the hyperdrive a bit, so I was able to make it to the nearest system which was Greeop. I was picked up by one of the New Republic ships stationed there. After a month in their med facilities, I started to feel that my opinion from childhood may be wrong. Now I was able to see that something has to be done, to put an end to tragedies like what happened to my family and my friends. Maybe I just needed to see another people actively fighting the Empire, to have some example of what needs to be done... So I decided to join the Renegade fleet, to fight injustice and tyranny so no one should ever face the tragedies like I did.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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