Kimiao Quinal

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Member Profile
Kimiao Quinal
Career Information
Callsign Reyr
Full RS Name Kimiao Quinal
Rank First Lieutenant
Join June 13th, 2009
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Other Current Positions Red Dragon 7
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Ordo
Species Gargantuan
Gender Male
Personal Information (Real Life)

A member of the Rebel Squadrons, currently serving as Red Dragon 7.



Kimiao Quinal is a gargantuan male Mandolorian born on the planet Ordo. He has a long flowing raven black hair and dark-olive skin. He has piercing emerald colour eyes.

His family was killed early in his life and he was taken in by his adopted father (noted diplomat) and his adopted mother (noted horticulturalist) who were natives to Mandalore. In his youth he received many taunts about his parentage and that fact he was an off-worlder. Growing in stature the threats and taunts began to diminish and he was encouraged to join the service, in light of his athletic prowess and natural intelligence. There was something else peculiar about him which no one could explain, he had lightning quick reflexes and speed, and he was stronger than most other Mandalorians. For instance, he could bend durasteel with his bare hands and could catch an insect with his eyes closed.

Time moved quickly and his valour was recorded both on Mandalore and in the galactic news. Noted to be one of the most highly decorated and commended commados in all of Mandalore's history. His last great honour, was to fight alongside the strike team committed successfully at the Battle of Sanjo.

As the war had entered its final stages and he had received word that his son and wife had been murdered by his former leaders, he become greatly disillusioned by the military doctrine of his planet.

His Mandalorian birth right was to fight. Their culture revolved around that of battle and war being a source of honor and pride in their community. Any hint of hesitation was considered a weakness.

He then avenged his kin's death and hunted down the guilty. It did not matter that they were high ranking officers, he wanted vengeance nonetheless. For these crimes against the state, death should have been the only punishment, however exile was considered to be a far greater humiliation to a Mandalorian.

After deliberation and careful thought, he decided to move away from the dogma of his people and would never kill again after sampling revenge. Trying to talk his way out of a delicate situation or incapacitate first, before even considering a deadly solution.

He spent so much time on his own that he began to look for answers within himself. Concentrating on mediation for huge portions of his day he began to find that he had special powers but did not know how to harness them. Striving for answers, he had heard chatter in distant bars and ports of a temple on Bethlamore. With hope in his heart, he set sail for the enigmatic planet with aspirations of finding the path to redemption and righteousness.

Since his exile, the only weapon he had possessed, was a small boot knife to hunt food with. He had not touched a real combat weapon in over four years, although he knew that his venture to Bethalmore would see him wield a lethal weapon once again.

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Kimiao has also been accepted by Headmaster Zak Ciredik as his padawan.