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Member Profile
Career Information
Callsign KingBird
Full RS Name Molic Forbana
Rank Captain
Join May 22nd, 2005
Current Status AWOL
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Alderaan
Species Human
Gender Male
Personal Information (Real Life)
Age 32

A member of the Rebel Squadrons, currently Absent Without Leave (possibly reserve).



My name is Molic Forbana. I was born as the son of a very very humble family in Aldeera, the capital of Aldeeran. My father was a poor but responsible fisher and we lived in the suburbs of the city. He got killed, along with my mother and my 16 other sisters and brothers, by a squad of Imperial troopers when he tried to save us from being raped by them. He was a good man. May the force bless him, my mummy and my bros and my sis, too. I was 10 years old when that happened and I survived because my father managed to throw me out of the window of our fishing-boat/home without being seen. Later, when the troopers flew away, I was picked up by members of a nearby living fisher family who adopted and educated me. They also had contacts with the rebels, and so, they got me in.

Now, I'm 32 years old, and have become a good fighter pilot (first I became avionics engineer). I hope I can improve my flying skills even more with you and provide help whenever necessary.

Many of the men who destroyed my family have become high-ranked members of the Imperial Army.

I was one of those Alderaanii people who survived the holocaust because I was having a vacation on Erflupsiglupx, a planet where there are only women, and who yearly organise a contest to choose their two-weeks-mates with whom they reproduce. I got chosen, and it saved me!

Afterwards, I have been periodically returning to the graveyard asteroid field that became Alderaan in memory of my people and my sad past.

Since Alderaan`s destruction, I have been living in New Alderaan.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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