Production information
Class Victory I-class Star Destroyer
Technical specifications
Length 900 meters
Width 564 meters
Height/depth 289 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 800 km/h
Engine unit(s)

  • Alderaan Royal Engineers LF9 ion engines (3)
  • Secondary engines (4)
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 15
Hyperdrive system DeLuxFlux hyperdrive motivator
Power plant Hypermatter annihilation reactor
Shielding 3,200 SBD

  • Quad turbolaser batteries (10)
  • Double turbolaser batteries (40)
  • Assault concussion missile tubes (80)
    • 4 missiles each
  • Tractor beam projectors (10)

  • TIE squadrons (2)
  • Lambda-class shuttles (4)

  • Crew (5,200)
    • Officers (610)
    • Enlisted (4,590)
      • Gunners (402)
Minimum crew 1,785
Passengers 2,040 troops
Cargo capacity 8,100 metric tons
Consumables 4 years

  • Command ship
  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • Heavy frigate
Earliest sighting RgF 401
Present for battles/events

  • RgF 401
  • RgF 402
  • RgF 404
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Known commander(s) Captain Darmin

Imperial vessel, commanded by Captain Darmin.


Led an Imperial attack force against a New Republic Defence Fleet task force led by the Calamari Cruiser Valiant. Imperial forces succeeded in disabling the Valiant and battering the remainder of the task force before Republic Shield reinforcements interfered with the Imperial assault, aiding in the defence of New Republic forces, and began to abate the Imperial attack. The arrival of Republic Shield reinforcements in the form of the Frigate Unforgiven and the Strike Cruiser Kayak bolstered New Republic defences, and New Republic and Republic Shield forces rallied to the Unforgiven to strike back at the Imperial attack force. One by one the Imperial ships were defeated; the Kingpin was disabled through attack runs by the assault transport group Strike. Imperial reinforcements delivered to the combat zone by the Strike Cruiser Capricorn and the Frigate Taurus only succeeded in distracting attention, and helped slow the Imperial defeat. But as the Capricorn and Taurus withdrew from the engagement after delivering reinforcements, the battle was unwinnable, and the Imperial attack force was crushed. Raided by a boarding party from the shuttle Ghost I, which succeeded in capturing the vessel and the captain. The shuttle Ghost II and the transport Haunt delivered a flight crew and command crew, respectively, while the transport Spectre I repaired the vessel, making the captured vessel operational. Captured by Republic Shield Forces. (RgF401)

Led an undercover Republic Shield reconnaissance operation at an Imperial facility where the Zodiac Battle Fleet was expected to be mustering. The vessel used the battle damage to fool Imperial forces into preparing a repair operation while a reconnaissance force roamed the area collecting data of the assembled craft. The cover was blown when the Calamari Cruiser Sagittarius arrived and alerted Imperial forces to the true allegiance of the vessel. Attempted to withdraw from the outpost while the reconnaissance force completed its scanning operation and then covered the vessels retreat from the combat zone. Escaped into hyperspace. (RgF402)

Refitted and renamed the Overseer. (RgF404)

(Refer to Overseer entry for more information)


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