Kino Pordyh

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Member Profile
Kino Pordyh
Career Information
Callsign Big Daddy
Full RS Name Kino Pordyh
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Kushaire
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 30
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location USA
Age 40

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



I was born and raised on an agricultural planet, a farming world, deep in the Core. My mother raised me by herself. My father was referred to as "Ass Hole", or "That Man". They were married, but not for long. I never met him, never really wanted to, until recently. My mother wouldn't even tell me who he was, just that he was a "bad seed", and that I'm better off without him.

I grew up using and maintaining farming equipment. I was, and still am, very mechanically inclined. At a young age I started building, and racing, my own land speeders. I was the boy to beat on my world. I would race anybody, anytime, anywhere. That's how I got interested in piloting. There's only so fast I could go on the ground, and believe me, I was already going really fast.

At age 16, I bought a wrecked X-Wing, and began restoring it. I spent the next 14 months scrounging for parts, and installing them in the little snubfighter. By the time I finished, nothing was left untouched. Every component was tweaked for maximum performance. I knew the starfighter inside and out, better than I knew myself. The ship was ready to fly, and I couldn't wait to take it out, but I had to wait. I needed an astronavigation droid if I wanted to leave the system.

I headed down to the local store, owned by a man named Havin Brooel, he had helped me with locating many of the parts for my X-Wing, so I was hoping he could help me with a droid. I was in luck, he had two R2 units, and an R5 unit, all in pristine condition. Unfortunately, the prices he was asking for were WAY above my budget, so I headed out of the shop, disappointed. "Hey wait kid", Havin yelled as I was halfway out the door, "I may have something for you". He went into his back room, and came back with a dingy, rusty, ugly, very used R2 unit following behind him. The droid made a screeching noise as it rolled forward, and before it came to a stop, sparks started shooting out through the joints between its "head", and its "torso". Havin shrugged and said "hey, I'll practically give this one to you." I was desperate, so I agreed to his price, and headed back home with this ugly R2 unit showering sparks as it followed behind me.

When I returned home, I looked at the droid and said "OK Sparky, lets see what we have under your shell." Hmmmm, "Sparky", the name suited him, so that's what I called him from that point on. I managed to repair all of his primary systems, and even upgraded his motivator, all with second hand parts, as funds were very limited.

I was now working for the Salliche Ag Corporation, an Imperial controlled agricultural company, who owned most of the farmland on Kushair, and on several other planets in the Core Worlds. They also owned the Hydroponics facility where I worked as a grower. The wages were poor, and the hours were long, but it was a job, and it paid for replacement parts for my ship, so I endured. Until I could take no more.

Complaints about worker conditions on Kushair, and on planets in the Yulant and Ruan Systems, were growing every day, and people started talking about taking a stand. I agreed wholeheartedly, and decided to call a "secret" meeting of workers, to find out how to resolve this problem. Workers from all over the core worlds attended, and in the end it was clear, we had to revolt against The Imperial controlled Salliche Ag Corporation, and take a stand for ourselves. We made a plan, and set a date to implement it. There was no turning back now.

I personally set up the explosive devices in the Hydroponics facility where I worked. I made sure no workers were in the building, and detonated the Slave Labor Facility. Filthy Salliche Ag, they deserved it. The explosion marked the start of a riot. Fields were set ablaze, and corporate offices were ransacked. On Kushair and on planets in the Yulant and Ruan systems, Salliche Ag fields and hydroponics facilities burned to ash. They would would now know that we would take no more.

Then the Empire came to put our world in it's place. I could see the Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit, and new that it was time for me to go. I went home and told my mother of the events that had occurred, and about my part in them. She told me not to worry....that there was something I should know. She started to say, "your father, he's an Imperial Admiral, his name is.........." BAAAAAAAM, that's when the left side of the house collapsed, a beam came down from the ceiling, and slammed my mother to the ground, into the mother was no more. I was in shock and don't remember moving, but I somehow got down to the garage where my X-Wing was stored.

Sparky was already plugged into his socket in the back, I had him checking systems earlier that day, so I grabbed my helmet, and climbed up into the cockpit. "What was my mother saying?" I asked myself as I started the engines on the little snubfighter. "Why didn't she tell me?" I remember thinking as rubble was falling around the ship, and the ceiling began to buckle. Enraged, I rose the ship up on repulsorlifts, brought up it's lasers, shot a BIG hole through the door, and punched out of the garage. What I saw horrified me. The city of Kushair was nothing but smoldering buildings, and homes. People lay dead in the street, some with groceries still in their arms. It was a sickening sight.

As I headed up, out of the atmosphere, I thought, "These were innocent people," tears were rolling down my face,"the Empire is pure evil, and they must be destroyed! No matter what happens me, I will make sure that I will do everything in my power to make sure that another home, another city, another world, will never be destroyed by the evil of the Empire." I wiped the tears from my face, as Sparky scrolled a message across the terminal in my cockpit, "Hyperspace coordinates set." One more tear rolled off my cheek as I thought of my father......"he is a bad seed, just as my mother said!" I told myself. "I will find him, and punish him personally for the death of my mother, this I promise!!" I let the last tear drip down off of my face, then launched the X-Wing into hyperspace.

It took me six months to "hook up" with the Rebellion, I was assigned to Rebel Squadron as a Cadet, and the rest is history. The Empire WILL DIE, mark my words. They will die, if I have to kill each and every one of them with my own bare hands! And when I find my father, he will die with the hands of the son he never wanted wrapped around his neck.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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