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* B-Wing Qualified
* B-Wing Qualified
* Joined Rebel Squadrons at age 24, entering Renegade Fleet Academy as Lamin Draconi Fresca ([http://filer.case.edu/tar9/RS/lamin_fresca.doc Lamin D. Fresca Original Bio])
Joined Rebel Squadrons at age 24, entering Renegade Fleet Academy as Lamin Draconi Fresca ([http://filer.case.edu/tar9/RS/lamin_fresca.doc Lamin D. Fresca Original Bio])
'''First Tour of Duty: Renegade Fleet'''
'''First Tour of Duty: Renegade Fleet'''

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Member Profile
Lamin Draconi Zykara
Career Information
Callsign Zyke
Full RS Name Lamin D. Zykara
Rank General
Join March 2000
Current Status Active (Character Deceased)
Current Station MC80 Ad Astra
Current Offices None
Current Command Positions None
Other Current Positions Honorary High Command Member
Ragnarok 5, Vigilance Starfighter Group
Past Positions of note Rebel Squadrons Chief of Staff
Renegade Fleet Second Officer
Redstar Squad Commanding Officer
Twilight Squadron Commanding Officer
Guardian Wing Commanding Officer
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Sluis Van, Corellia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 1.77 meters
Weight 76.1 kilograms
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Age 22
Occupation Student / Health Industry

Lamin Draconi Zykara is an important member of the Rebel Squadrons who achieved club-wide prominence despite never holding a voting seat on the High Command. He served as the first Chief of Staff to Fleet Commander Gavin Cantorph Kravis.

Career History

Lamin joined the Rebel Squadrons in March of 2000 under the name Lamin Fresca, requesting postings to the Renegade Fleet and Rebel Squadrons Commando Division. After graduating with honors from the Academy, Lamin was posted to Wyvern Squadron in the Renegade Fleet and Talon Squad in the RSCD. Eager to move up in ranks, then-First Lieutenant Fresca began work on Operation Hammerblow, a squadron-level ITOD. Through this work, Lamin impressed his CO, Cole Landfarer, who promoted him to Captain. Lamin was then assigned by Cole as the Wyvern Squadron XO, and subsequently promoted to Major.

Lamin applied for the position of Guardian Wing CO during this time period and was granted it. He also began serving as part of the Aurora Force while continuing to work in the RSCD. While serving as Guardian Wing CO, Lamin ran Operation: Viper, detailing the efforts of his wing to free the Ynia Cluster from Imperial control. These stories would later be integrated into canon Rebel Squadrons fiction by David Vaughan. Lamin served as Guardian Wing CO until December 2001, when he was promoted by Gavin Cantorph Kravis to the post of Renegade Fleet Second Officer. For his service as Guardian Wing CO, Lamin was promoted through Lieutenant Colonel.

Lamin truly enjoyed his time as Second Officer, working with Trate Daxson as XO and Gavin as CO. He continued Operation: Viper by turning it into the Zodiac series of missions, helped in pioneering the Renegade Flats Imperative, and competing in ORWI and ORWII. During this time, Lamin was also becoming established as a prominent writer within the Aurora Force, where he served with Trosa Aldair as a member of Redstar Squad. He would later be selected as Redstar XO and then CO. By the end of his service as Renegade Fleet Second Offier, Lamin had been elevated to the grade of Brigadier General. During this period, Lamin also left the RSCD as his life grew more hectic.

In November 2002, as Taan Ronar left the office of Minister of External Affairs, Lamin approached Fleet Commander Rahj Tharen regarding the position. Rahj selected Lamin for the position and welcomed him to the Executive Staff. In preparation for his new duties, Lamin resigned his position as Renegade Fleet Second Officer. This move began Lamin's ascent towards club-level prominence, but he later told others that he regretted not staying in his Fleet position, where he could have become a voting member of the High Command.

As MoEA, Lamin quickly established himself as a hard worker who brought energy back to the once-dead Office of External Affairs. Rahj expanded the duties of the Office as Lamin continued to demonstrate a strong work ethic. As Minister of External Affairs, Lamin presided over a renewal of formal diplomatic relations with the Emperor's Hammer and also spearheaded efforts to establish an "umbrella organization" to assist with ORW and other inter-club activities. Although these efforts were ultimately in vain, Lamin was recognized for his work by promotions through to General.

While serving as MoEA, Lamin also rejoined the RSCD for a short time at the request of Rahj Tharen. He served as RSCD SO and Recruit Orientation Center Commanding Officer (ROC CO) during a period of rebuilding for the RSCD.

Rahj Tharen was eventually replaced by Gavin Kravis as Fleet Commander. Lamin convinced Gavin of the validity and use of a position he had originally suggested to Rahj Tharen: the Chief of Staff. Gavin selected Lamin as the first Chief of Staff and promoted him to Rebel Squadrons Second Officer, directly behind the Fleet Commander and Executive Officer. Lamin thus found himself in a position of considerable authority without having ever served as a Fleet Commander.

Lamin's time as Chief of Staff was not entirely successful. His own life was becoming more and more complicated due to his enrollment in college and increasing real-life responsibilities. In addition, Lamin had little experience as a member of the High Command, and had never served as a Fleet CO, limiting the amount of relevant RS experience he could bring to his position. Finally, Lamin's personality, along with the fact that he lacked experience as a Fleet CO, led to some friction with members of the High Command. Nonetheless, Gavin felt that Lamin's service merited a promotion to Rear Admiral (before the reintroduction of the grade of Commodore).

While serving as Chief of Staff, Lamin remained active in other parts of the RS. He served as Commanding Officer of Twilight Squadron in the Renegade Fleet and continued to write in the Aurora Force.

Lamin served for nearly a year as Chief of Staff. He resigned in August 2004 and requested a demotion back to the grade of General. He felt that he did not deserve the grade of Rear Admiral because he had not been able to capitalize on the position he was appointed to. While Gavin Kravis disagreed with this assessment, he bowed to Lamin's wishes and reduced him in grade to General; he also decorated him with the Fleet Commander's Medal of Execllence. In addition, Lamin was awarded the Tatooine Suns and the Kessel Cup by incoming Chief of Staff Licah Fox.

Lamin was granted a position on the Honorary High Command shortly after his departure from being Chief of Staff. He continued to serve in the Renegade Fleet for some time as Twilight CO, XO, and then as a regular member. He eventually left the fleet entirely in 2005, though he continued to write in the Aurora Force until late 2006, when his character was killed in a freak accident. After several months in inactive status, Lamin returned to active duty with the Vigilance Starfighter Group in July of 2007 upon receiving notification that the new VSG CO was his longtime friend Kirghy Lommax.

Fictional History

NAME: Zykara, Lamin Draconi
RANK: Brigadier General
SERIAL: 417722341-AXC
STATUS: Deceased
BRANCH: Rebel Squadrons / Task Force Republic Shield
PREVIOUS NAMES: Fresca, Lamin Draconi

HEIGHT: 1.77 meters
WEIGHT: 76.1 kilograms
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green

Qualifications and Awards

  • Command Pilot Badge
  • X-Wing Qualified
  • B-Wing Qualified

Joined Rebel Squadrons at age 24, entering Renegade Fleet Academy as Lamin Draconi Fresca (Lamin D. Fresca Original Bio)
First Tour of Duty: Renegade Fleet

  • Graduates as Master Cadet with Honors from Renegade Fleet Academy
  • Posted to Wyvern Squadron, Renegade Fleet, Rebel Squadrons; promoted directly to Second Lieutenant
  • Promoted through Captain
  • Assigned Wyvern Squadron Executive Officer by Commander Cole Landfarer
  • Receives promotion to Major
  • Travels to Sith artifact with Jedi Pasco Nervan; is imparted with Jedi powers (Short story here.)
  • Friend and former commander Janus Arcadia is killed by an unknown assailant (Short story here.)
  • Offered position of Guardian Wing CO by Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer, Doth Raandu; accepts and is transferred to HQ, Guardian Wing
  • Promoted through Commander
  • Requests transfer to Aurora Force; transfer approved after Commander Fresca accepts demotion to Major

Second Tour of Duty: Aurora Force

  • Begins serving in Redstar Squad, Backlash Wing, Aurora Force under Major Trosa Aldair
  • While serving in Operation: Storm, Major Fresca is captured by rogue Imperial elements; believed KIA by HQ, Aurora Force
  • Receives posthumous promotion to Commander
  • During Operation: Damocles, Major Fresca is rescued by elements of Redstar Squad and Tigress Squadron; other Redstars rescued include Trosa Aldair
  • Officially changes name to Lamin Draconi Zykara; Zykara based off Sluis Van word ‘zykaarai’, meaning “he who is born again”
  • Lt. Commander Trosa Aldair, acting as Redstar CO, orders Commander Zykara to infiltrate the upper society of Kamicolo
  • After completion of Kamicolo mission, Commander Zykara defects with Alec Jaggers under the orders of Aurora Force CO, Indiana Bridger; during the course of the mission, he reports back to Thuku and requests transfer back to Renegade Fleet under unusual circumstances

Third Tour of Duty: Renegade Fleet

  • Assigned to HQ, Renegade Fleet; appointed Renegade Fleet Second Officer and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
  • Receives promotion to Colonel
  • Acts with forces of the Renegade Fleet to free the planet of Dantuk IV (Short story here.)
  • Receives promotion to Brigadier General; meets with Fleet Commander Rahj Tharen at promotion ceremony
  • Celebrates 26th birthday

Fourth Tour of Duty: Aurora Force General Zykara served with the Aurora Force during the events surrounding the rise and fall of Grand Admiral Thrawn

  • Resumes serving in Redstar Squad, Backlash Wing, Aurora Force
  • Demoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • Accepts position of Redstar Commanding Officer when offered it by Trosa Aldair
  • Promoted to Commander by Trosa Aldair
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel when appointed Backlash Wing Second Officer
  • Accidentally killed by power coil malfunction on Xenen
  • Posthumously restored to rank of Brigadier General

The Future

While Lamin has just returned to active duty in the VSG, he cannot use his character of Lamin Zykara. Since the AF is a few years ahead of the rest of the club in timeline, Lamin is currently stationed in the AF doing events which have already "happened". Further, since Lamin is deceased, a new character will have to be introduced. Lamin Zykara's slot in Ragnarok Squadron will be filled by a yet-unnamed new character.