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Lancer Squadron is one of the oldest Sqaudrons in the Allegiance Battle Group, and is the premiere Fighter Squadron of the ABG. At first it was called the Allegiance Starfighter Division and changed to Lancer Squadron in November of 1997. It's first commanding officer was Major Richard "Bloodstripe" Tan and it has fought many of the Rebel Squadrons' enemies, including the Emperor's Hammer, and the 501st Task Force.

Lancer currently is lead by Commander Eric Reagan, and is equiped with 12 T-65AC4 X-Wings. Lancer is based aboard NRS Gold Star the flagship of the ABG. They go on many missions and have a high kill rate, thus promoting being the best of the best.

Lancer has had some very good Commanding officers in it's time, a couple being LGN Wes "Gizmo" Beldon, LGN Michael Raven, LCM Ryan "Tango" Xeleron.

Lancer Squadron Sims at (TBA) in #ABG_Lancer. Hope to see you there.

- Old Campaigns

Trials of Eden: A campaign started in October of 1997, Trials of Eden never concluded do to the GM, Richard Tan, retiring. None the less, this simply campaign gave the Allegiance Wing it's first foothold into what would become the Baphomet System. Originally just a made up planet, Eden was added to the list of planets durring the Outer Rim War II when then FC of the Rebel Squadrons Rahj Tharen commisioned Kyle Tobarn to create a new system for Allegiance.

The premise of the campaign; Lancer Squadron was stationed out of a new base under construction on the planet Eden when the Emperor's Hammer (RS Ally, and fictional nemesis for some time) began it's bombardment of the area. All ships were destroyed and this squadron of pilots was forced to manage things from the ground. Filled with ferocious snow tigers, dissapearing farmers, Imperial scouts, and bars with cheap drinks Trials of Eden entranced its participants and thrusted Lancer into the top squadron spot for quite some time, before the rise of the Assembly of the Force.

Records of previous leaders:

(Oct. 1998) C.O: Major Richard "Bloodstripe" Tan X.O: Captain Hannibal

(Oct. 1999) C.O: Major Tri "Scourge" Toldani

(May 2003) (CO): Commander Michael Raven (XO): Lieutenant Commander Eric Wunderlin

(Presently) (CO): Commander Eric Reagan (XO): TBD

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