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Production information
Class Telgorn Shipyard
Technical specifications
Length 1.44 km
Width 1.4 km
Height/depth 1.56 km
Shielding 9600 SBD
Hull 4576 RU
  • Station crew - 3650
  • Engineers - 800
  • Mechanics - 2200
  • Other systems
  • Command center
  • Twin hangars
  • Docking platforms
  • Usage
  • Spaceborne starship construction
  • Drydock
  • Earliest sighting IBG 104
    Destroyed IBG 108
    Present for battles/events
  • IBG 104
  • IBG 108
  • Affiliation Jardal pirates

    Jardal pirate shipyard based near the blue and brown planet (#26) Jardal.


    Discovered by Republic Shield forces tracking the Frigate Xenesis after an attack by the frigate’s pirate task force on Republic Shield forces. Inspected by Republic Shield forces. Nearby containers were discovered to hold weapons and Imperial credits, evidence of Imperial involvement in the pirate attack. (IBG104)

    Assaulted by Republic Shield forces led by the Dreadnaught Resurrection and backed up by the Interdictor Senate, after information siphoned from the captured Star Destroyer Sustainer highlighted the level of involvement the pirates had with the Imperial forces. The standing forces present at the pirate outpost were much greater than expected, which forced the Resurrection and Senate to withdraw from the area, covered by Republic Shield forces led by the refitted Star Destroyer Redemption. The reinforcements, led by the Redemption, were much more forceful in assaulting the base. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (IBG108)


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