Leaph Chausew

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Leaph Chausew
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia
Date of birth 14:2:9 (30 years old)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.7 metres (6')
Weight 82 kilograms (180lb)
Hair color Black
Eye colorBlue-green
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic

Personal data

More often than not; many heroes, villains and other sentients of consequence are overlooked in Galactic history archives whether a regime or organisation went to great lengths to have their existence covered up, or if perhaps they were merely out of sight, out of mind during the time of their reckoning. Arguably, Leaph Chausew is one of these beings.

Born twenty years before the Battle of Yavin, Leaph was the result of a one night stand between a Corellian silk trader and a Nubian dancing girl aboard a customs station in Corellian orbit. Leaph was actually born somewhere between the Tatooine and Naboo system aboard a Mon Calamari passenger liner so to anyone asking him where he hails from, his only answer would be Corellia as his features are fairly typical to that of a Corellian male.

His Father left the night he was concieved and Leaph never saw him again so he spent the majority of his childhood aboard various civilian cruisers, freighters and space stations keeping out of the way as his Mother 'worked'. Most of his childhood was spent in poverty; his Mother doing her best when she could to support him, but as he learned to walk and talk, young Leaph found himself being adopted into a regular crowd of familiar nomads and wanderers snce his Mother soon found herself working the same entertainment circuits year in, year out, knowing where the money was at different times of the year.

At age six through to eleven, Leaph helped his Mother out aboard the various veseels they resided on by fulfilling menial tasks such as crawling into ventilation systems and cleaning them out. At age nine, whilst assisting the chief technician aboard one particular bulk freighter, Leaph had a run in with the ship's resident dianoga as he sifted through garbage in the ship's refuse hold and nearly drowned.

The Teenage Years

As Leaph entered his teens, he became acquainted with the more sophisticated systems aboard starships, soon becoming adept at maintaining them and was given a better job as Hangar Bay technician's assitant. His exposure to a life in space left him with a distinct confident, if not reckless nature. His fearlessness aboard starships worried those he knew at times but little did they know that this strange 'hands on' education would give Leaph a solid basis for his adult life.

Shortly after his sixteenth birthday, Leaph's Mother was found dead after she'd refused a particularly violent client's requests and despite the distance mother and child had maintained, Leaph was crushed; the only family he knew stolen away. This instilled a very strong sense of right and wrong in the teenager and it was only as a result of sympathy from the ramshackle friends he'd made that he didn't go off the rails completely. He was given a new focus by one of the elder smugglers who'd been one of his Mother's many clients, but also had acted as a Father figure to Leaph during periods of his life. This man taught Leaph how to fly and realising that the young man was a natural on the stick, got Leaph a job flying a Z-95 Headhunter as part of the security force serving aboard the Mon Cal passenger liner that Leaph had been born on (although Leaph was unaware of this fact).

Unfortunately, tragedy struck again at the age of seventeen when the cruiser was halted by an Imperial customs patrol, consisting of an Imperial I Class Star Destroyer and Carrack Class cruiser escort as it was suspected that the cruiser was hauling a large amount of spice. The Imperial Officer in charge, rather than asking questions first decided to petrify all onboard the unarmed vessel by sending the Carrack cruiser in to disable the engines completely unprovoked. Leaph's small squadron of Z-95s and Y-wings were scrambled against the much larger Imperial force but of course, outclassed and outgunned were decimated by the weapons of the Carrack Cruiser alone. Leaph's Z-95 took a glancing blow to its starboard wing which sheared it off and sent it spinning out of control. As a result of the retalliation, the Mon Cal cruiser along with all escape pods were vaporised but Leaph, managing to keep his ship from blowing apart by powering down all essential systems managed to spin out of control away from the engagement.

By some strange luck, during this time an Alliance strike force was enroute to strike out against the Imperial force with the mission to destroy the Carrack cruiser and wound the Star Destroyer. Unfortunately as they entered the combat zone, the Imperials had left the system leaving but a mass of twisted molten durasteel and starship wreckage behind. Leaph, who as a result of his starfighter's damaged life support had slipped into a dangerous hibernation was discovered by the Alliance and brought onboard their Corvette as they made their way out of the system.

Almost a year passed as Leaph, now eighteen recovered from the trials he'd experienced in such short a time. Understandably, he'd been left with a bitter taste in his mouth in regards to the Empire and despite the pain he felt from the loss of his friends, was grateful to the Alliance for rescuing him from a premature death.

A Taste For Rebellion

It was a month after his recovery, just over a year before the Battle of Yavin when Leaph was given the chance to be put to use within the Alliance. After being sent to Captain Kreezo; (an Alliance operative on Corellia, he was drafted to Lok where Cadet Chausew relearned the ropes in a better, more combat ready Alliance Z-95.

His service in Havoc squadron lasted for a year and eventually he was transferred to the unit's veteran squadron which flew a combination of X-wings and Y-wings. Leaph was selected for the X-wing due to his adept nature with such a responsive craft and during the period of time where the Alliance was based mainly at Yavin, his unit ran a lot of missions escorting supply frieghters and munitions to the small moon. Leaph was not at the Battle of Yavin itself though; instead during that time he was caught up diverting what should have been a routine supply delivery from the engagement zone.

As a result of faultless service within Havoc's X-wing unit, Leaph was given a commission of his own along with Vortex squadron pilot Eshiem. Lieutenant Chausew was given the acting role of Captain during this time as Alliance resources were extremely limited, especially on the Outer Rim where he was operating. Leaph's task was to form a squadron out of remnants of other Alliance squadrons which had been largely destroyed in service. The pilots he became familiar with all carried a lot of emotional baggage, but could hold their own; afterall, they were survivors.

The new unit was named 'Deviant Squadron' and given a lot of free reign, Leaph sent the unit after small Imperial convoys and anything which could supply the squadron with parts and supplies for the underfunded unit. Underfunded summed up the unit in many ways; the ships they operated were survivor ships from each of the pilot's former squadrons and consisted of batter X-wings, Y-wings, Z-95s and one rickety YKL-Nova Courier. During this time, Leaph fell in love with Corellian born Kiarna Faltice. An honest, caring woman who joined the Rebellion through Leaph after he discovered her alone when her parents were murdered, the two were quickly married and a period of happiness and success prevailed for a short time.

The squadron became stronger, reinforcing their assets with the technology they hijacked (which led to some very unconventional looking X-wings etc) but unfortunately for them, they became too much of a thorn in the Empire's side with their largely successful and frequent raids. After an Imperial spy was planted at the small moon base they operated from, the squadron was assaulted by orbital bombardment. Only half of the squadron got spacebourne without incident, but all were disabled and captured including Leaph himself.

Yet again, the Alliance saved his life. As he was subjected to typical Imperial torture methods, the Alliance ambushed the Destroyer Leaph was incarcerated on and in the mayhem, Leaph in a delirious state somehow managed to scramble to an escape pod. Unfortunately, the four other prisoners had been tortured to death before his very eyes before the Alliance arrived. Again, Leaph spent a period of months recovering and his hatred for the Empire increased.

Kiarna, had been on leave during the debacle and during Leaph's recovery she opted to join the main Alliance fleet as an Officer aboard a Nebulon B class Frigate. Leaph kept in touch with her, always proud of her devotion to the cause and it made him stronger. It was upon recovery that Leaph was approached by an Alliance agent with the invitation to join the Alliance's recently begun A-wing project.

He took to the ship with an air of distaste originally. Early on in the project, there were a lot of major problems with the design and due to resource issues, Leaph chose to return to Havoc squadron again feeling that the project was a waste of time and credits.

Unfortunately for Leaph, now aged twenty, he recieved word that Kiarna had been killed in action. The news drove the now fully established Captain over the edge and in combat was reprimanded several times for ignoring direct orders, flying almost suicidal charges against Imperial fighters, Capital ships and very nearly denounced the Rebellion itself. He was almost court martialled at one point, but due to sympathy from up high he recieved a demotion.

As with his nature though, he remembered how much the Alliance had done for him. They'd given him a second and third chance and the memories of all those he held dear who had been lost to the Empire forged his resolve.

Shirtless Pilot Finds True Love

Shortly before his twenty first birthday, recently demoted Lieutenant Leaph Chausew was transferred to the RS Battle Group where a lot of the A-wing research and development was taking place. Finally adopting an A-wing as his main choice of fighter he continued to wreak havoc in his new position, working his way up to the rank of Captain once more. Despite taking a personal vow never to love again, he literally fell in into love with a beautiful Twi'lek woman called Sandarie.

Leaph serves the Alliance although with the engagement to Sandarie he became less reckless and a whole lot wiser. As a result of his devotion and various other circumstances, he was landed with the rank of General. He was responsible for the smooth operation of the squadrons within Vanguard and although sometimes finding himself feeling dubious as to why he is a General at such a young age, he does his best.

Just over a year into his involvement on the A-wing project and after contributing a lot to the vessels advancement and becoming possibly the premier pilot with the vessel, circumstanes changed an he was pulled from the project seeing that the Alliance needed veteran pilots fighting on the front lines. Leaph was reassigned to an X-wing once again since the ship is more durable than the A-wing and takes a lot less maintenance.

Leaph married Sandarie and she is his world and very reason to continue fighting, although the wedding celebrations were dampened by news of Leaph's reassignment to a capital ship posting.

Chausew found himself landed with the Captaincy of the battered Rendili Dreadnaught, 'Fortune's End' when its original Captain, a disgraced Bothan whichanswered to the name Malwrand, was killed in action.

The Captain strived to repair the battle ship and in the process brought it right up to date, opting to convert it into a variation of the Mk II Assault Frigate which is favoured by the Alliance.

To this day he Captains the ship, although he maintains distance from the main Alliance fleet with his idealistic views clashing with some of those held by his allies. Leaph wishes to survive and be in peace; he wants nothing more than to be in a position where he can simply settle down with his beloved Sandarie and support her in the business she so successfully runs.