Lespin Duststrider

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Lespin Darkstrider
Biographical information
Homeworld unknown
Date of birth 7:1:32 (~28 BBY)
Date of death N/A
Family Darkstrider
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 200lb
Hair color Brown
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Post Battle of Yavin, Pre Battle of Hoth
Affiliation Rebellion
Associations RSPA (Vanguard Fleet)
Ranks 1st Lieutenant
Titles XO of Vanguard's RzA Squadron

This Character is played by the User:Lespin

Current Information

Lespin is a starfighter pilot in the RSPA, part of the Vanguard Fleet on the Starsider server. He usually pilots a customized T-65 X-Wing he named Lucky Lindsay. On rare occasions he is also known to help out with ground assaults, usually equipping heavy weapons.


Early Years, Before the Battle of Yavin

Born on [planet], on 7:1:32 (28 BBY). His father, [name], worked for Incom at the time. His mother, [name], was not employed. [six years old, Clone Wars began 13GrS, 22 BBY] [nine years old, Clone Wars ended 16GrS 19 BBY] When he was ten years old (17GrS, 18 BBY), his sister, Becki, was born. They all led a normal life whose family prospered because of the Clone Wars. Growing up Lespin was fascinated with space travel. Since his father was an engineer helping to build starship, they where always traveling between various planets. Lespin graduated from school without problems. He excelled in the space navigation courses. He was able to pass the rigorous tests to enter into the Imperial Pilots Academy, but he chose not to because the family was not happy with the Empire. [twenty-two years old, Incom nationalized, father defected to Rebel Alliance 29GrS 6 BBY] Lespin got a job working at the local starport doing odd jobs. He did not get his tasks finished very often because he would always be watching the starships flying around. The owner of the starport saw this, and put him to work as the navigator on is personal ship. Not content with just navigating, Lespin eventually started to show promise in piloting starships. Over time, Lespin had saved enough money to buy his own starship, and equip it to handle passengers and some cargo. He named the ship Raptor. Lespin became a successful charter and courier pilot who just flew around transporting people and light cargo from place to place in the Raptor. It was lightly armored, and had very poor weapons for defense, but it was a fast bird.

After the Battle of Yavin

After hearing the news of what happened near Yavin between the Imperials and the Rebellion from several sources, he became confused, because there where so many different versions of the same story. That, and the fact that the Senate was dissolved, made him wonder about the Empire, and where it was headed. He also did not believe the reports of the Alderaanians developing super-weapons, which caused the planets destruction. He had visited there previously, and had not seen or detected any ill will from the planets population at all. A couple of days after The Battle of Yavin, Lespin was contracted to transport some Alderaanians that said they where going to settle on a outer-rim world. One of their interim stops was on Tatooine, where they wanted to stay for a day or two while making sure they had all the supplies they needed. While there, a Imperial customs detail randomly chose Lespin's ship, Raptor, to do a thorough check of his ship. Lespin had not asked any questions about the contents of the Alderaanians cargo because of their situation and the amount of credits they paid without any haggling. The customs officers found some of the cargo that was questionable, and indicated that these Alderaanians where possibly going to join the Rebels. Since Lespin was transporting this contraband in his ship, the ship was impounded, and Lespin was arrested. The Alderaanians where not see again, but warrants where issued for their arrest anyways.

Arrest and Escape

When Lespin was arrested, he was transferred from a couple of detention centers around the galactic core. He eventually lost track of time, and where exactly he was. At one nondescript orbital low security detention center, he finally was able to see his way out. The patrols on this station where very lax, so he did not think he would have too much trouble making it to a hanger bay where he could "borrow" a starship. As luck would have it, a couple of days before he was planning for his big escape, he found a com-link hidden in a package from his sister, Becki. Attached to the com-link there where instructions to monitor a specific frequency. He immediately hid this com-link, and destroyed the instructions. He decided to lay low, and delay his escape to wait for the com-link to become active. A couple of days later, he heard some static, followed by an unknown voice over the com-link. The voice told him to stand back from the door of the room. Nanoseconds later, the door exploded, and toppled on the floor. Luckily, Lespin was already far enough from the door. As the smoke cleared, he saw a person, including 2 droids, and a huge wookie. The good thing was none of them looked Imperial. The one human, told Lespin to follow them to his ship as he tossed a blaster pistol to Lespin. The five of them went down the hall to the hanger bay, there where a couple of stormtroopers that where easily defeated with blaster fire. After running past the couple of stormtrooper bodies, the blue and white astromech opened up the hanger door, and in the hanger was a YT-1300, which underneath where 2 more troopers digging around inside some access panels. They were also killed fairly easily. The wookie checked the panels as the rest of the crew boarded the ramp. The wookie was quickly on the ramp behind everyone, and the ship lifted off as the ramp sealed itself, and the environmental systems kicked on. The protocol droid quickly briefed Lespin that his sister, Becki hired them to extract Lespin from this station, and they would be going to Tatooine. The human then screamed back, and said that TIE Fighters where following them, and he needed some time to get the hyperspace computer working right. Lespin decided to check to see if the turrets where working. They seemed to be OK, and he climbed in one, and shot down a couple of TIE fighters as the star turned into the starlines that preceded hyperspace. Lespin, now calm to be back on a apparently civilian ship away from Imperial hands, was happy to be headed away from the sterile world of the Empire.

Tanasari Point Station to Mos Eisley

This ship, which turned out to be the Millennium Falcon, piloted by Han Solo, finally brought them out of hyperspace in the Ord Mantel system, right near the Tanasari Point Station. The ship was damaged in the escape, so repairs had to be made. Since Han did not want to show his face, he stayed near the ship trying to repair it. He needed Lespin to gather some parts on the station, which was simple, and they where soon on their way again. Their final stop in escape from the Empire was Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. Lespin did not have much to use, so he completed some odd jobs for the folks around town to get some cash, so he could contact his sister, Becki. Once he had enough money to make a holonet call, he got in touch with Becki. Becki informed him that Raptor was safe and sound in a hanger somewhere. She goes on to explain the story of how she came to know of Lespin’s arrest, so she went after his ship. It was stripped down, but it was still space worthy. Becki and Lespin met on Correllia, after Becki sent some credits to Lespin, so he could buy passage on the shuttles. After this whole ordeal with the Empire, Lespin decided to join The Alliance to Restore the Republic.


After going through the Pilot/Officer Academy, he was placed in the Crimson Phoenix squadron until he became a master pilot.

Vanguard Fleet

Lespin's X-Wing

Lespin transferred to Vanguard Fleet, Resurrection Squadron (RzA) on Rori after completing his tour of duty in the Crimson Phoenix squadron. Lespin performed well in his missions against the Imperials while assigned to RzA, and eventually became the Executive Officer (XO) after previous Executive Officers where transferred out. Lespin’s ship Raptor was also used in some engagements with success.

Current Information

Still a member of Vanguard Fleet he has flown the majority of his missions in his T-65 X-Wing. With the help of his sister and other shipwrights in the Vanguard Fleet, he has upgraded his standard T-65 far beyond what the heroes of the Battle of Yavin used to destroy the Death Star. Currently, he is brought in on special assignments when leaders request an extra hand at commanding a flight of X-Wings.