Leviathan Security Force

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Leviathan Security Force
General Information
Notable members
Historical Information
Founding 2008
Other Information
  • Consular Squadron
    • Protector Squadron
    • Defender Squadron
    • Obelisk Squadron
  • History

    Leviathan Security Force was formed in 2008 by Lieutenant Commander Dismal Dupar and Lieutenant Colonel Terrak Jace, under then-Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer Major General Max Cal. The LSF was to serve as a unit for all non-standard Rebel Squadrons games. It has been mostly stagnant since its inception, but hopes to slowly pick up activity as time goes on.


    The LSF houses four different squadrons, each being centers of activity for a separate platform.

    • Consular Squadron (Wii)
    • Protector Squadron (Non-Star Wars PC Games)
    • Defender Squadron (PlayStation 3)
    • Obelisk Squadron (XBox 360)