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Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.jpg
Production information
Class Imperial-class Star Destroyer
Technical specifications
Length 1,609 meters
Engine unit(s)
  • 3 Kuat Drive Yards Destroyer-1 Ion Engines (Main)
  • 4 Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 Ion Engines (Secondary)
  • Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 8
  • Shielding 4800 SBD
    Hull 2272 RU
    Earliest sighting R2F 402
    Present for battles/events
  • R2F 402
  • R2F 404
  • R2F 406
  • R2F 407
  • R2F 408
  • R2F 501
  • R2F 502
  • R2F 503
  • R2F 504
  • R2F 505
  • R2F 506
  • R2F 607
  • R2F 608
  • R2F 701
  • R2F 702
  • R2F 800
  • IBG 208
  • IBG 503
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known commander(s) Captain Tom Zorbrek

    Republic Shield vessel commanded by Captain Tom Zorbrek.


    Led Republic Shield forces in reinforcing the repair dock DS-34, which was being assaulted by Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Xavior I. Republic Shield station defences had been holding back the Imperial assault, protecting the station from destruction until reinforcements arrived. Led Republic Shield forces in repelling the incursive force, driving them off and destroying any Imperial forces that failed to flee. (R2F402)

    Co-ordinated area defences around the Modified Frigate Angelfire as it underwent repairs at the repair dock DS-34 after taking a heavy beating from a supposedly-pirate force. Led Imperial forces against what appeared to be a pirate retaliatory force led by the Star Destroyer Vermin. Held back the attacking forces until the platform DS-34 was evacuated and the shuttle Tech performed repairs on the Angelfire. Then laid waste to the repair dock DS-34 to prevent it falling into pirate or Imperial hands, and followed the Angelfire in retreat from the combat zone. (R2F404)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an assault against a would-be-pirate Imperial convoy near communications satellite Stat-Com3. Led the assault on the convoy directly while the Modified Frigate Angelfire directly engaged the defending forces, led by the Escort Carrier Djinn. Republic Shield forces completely annihilated the convoy and its defensive detail. (R2F406)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an assault on an Imperial strike force assaulting the civilian platform Vornskr' DaV. Directly engaged the Frigate groups Sprite and Switchblade, while transport group Med-Runner shipped wounded civilians from the platform to the Modified Frigate Angelfire. Successfully crushed the Imperial attack force, after the wounded had made it onboard the Angelfire. The platform Vornskr’ DaV was not as fortunate, as Imperial forces managed to raze it before their destruction. (R2F407)

    Led Republic Shield forces in an ambush against Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Warstrike, which pursued the Modified Frigate Angelfire, laden with civilian wounded, to the asteroid hangar Med Facility. While the Angelfire transferred wounded to the medical facility via the transport group Med-Runner, the vessel led Republic Shield forces in the assault on the Warstrike, while the Interdictor Rejuvenator restrained the Star Destroyer, preventing it from escape. The wounded were successfully transferred to the asteroid hangar, and the Imperial forces were annihilated, the Warstrike perishing, unable to flee. (R2F408)

    Led Republic Shield reinforcements in response to a distress call by a station on the outskirts of Republic Shield space, possibly in the Pyria system. Led Republic Shield reinforcements against Imperial forces led by a frigate, which were razing the platform. Drove off Imperial forces, and collected survivors from the station. (R2F501)

    Due to the extensive damage sustained by the Modified Frigate Angelfire, Republic Shield forces set about taking control of the region by deposing the current Imperial governing offices and creating a Republic Shield outpost. To this end, the vessel led Republic Shield forces in an assault against Imperial governing offices aboard the asteroid base Home. Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Thrasher defended the base; however they were unable to hold back the Republic Shield attack force, which razed the governing offices and the defensive infrastructure, crushing the defence forces in the process. (R2F502)

    After the successful but pyrrhic victory against the regional Imperial governing offices, Republic Shield forces were significantly battered. Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Gigantes launched a strike against the harried Republic Shield forces. The vessel led Republic Shield forces in an orderly withdrawal from the combat zone, and Republic Shield forces succeeded in holding Imperial forces at bay until the force could escape from the Imperial trap. (R2F503)

    Pulled out of hyperspace, along with the rest of Republic Shield forces, by the Interdictor Claw. The Claw restrained Republic Shield forces while pursuing Imperial forces, led by the Star Destroyer Gigantes, rushed to reinforce the Interdictor’s position and crush the task force. The vessel led Republic Shield forces in an assault against the Claw, in order to break free its interdiction field, to escape the pursuing Imperial force. However, Imperial reinforcements headed by the Star Destroyer Gigantes arrived, and launched an attack on Republic Shield forces. Before the Imperial task force could crush Republic Shield forces, the Interdictor Claw was successfully hulled, allowing hyperspace travel to continue undeterred. The vessel then led Republic Shield forces from the combat zone, successfully withdrawing before Imperial forces could crush them. (R2F504)

    Led Republic Shield forces, which took part in a resupply operation by an anti-Imperial faction led by the Escort Carrier Fish. Received starfighters, supplies and warheads from transport group Sigma while Republic Shield forces co-ordinated perimeter defences and intercepted incoming Imperial attack forces. At the completion of the resupply operation, the vessel led Republic Shield forces in holding fast in preparation to do battle, as the Victory Star Destroyer Alastor entered the combat zone. (R2F505)

    Refusing to yield any more ground to Imperial forces, the vessel led Republic Shield forces in making a stand against the Imperial attack force led by the Victory Star Destroyer Alastor. Even when Imperial forces were reinforced by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Gigantes, the vessel stood fast and Imperial and Republic Shield forces clashed in a bloody battle. Heavy casualties were taken on both sides, with the Victory Star Destroyer Alastor and the Star Destroyer Gigantes being defeated, at the cost of the Frigates Gunship and Striker. (R2F506)

    After a sizable delay, reinforced Republic Shield forces under the Star Destroyer Prometheus ambushed by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Siege. Traded blows with the Siege and its escorting frigates, the Sulphur and Maverick. Succeeded in leading Republic Shield forces in the destruction of the two frigates. (R2F607)

    Was forced to withdraw from the battle against the Star Destroyer Siege, but donated its forces to the defence of the Star Destroyer Prometheus before setting a course for the Vivianas system. (R2F608)

    Recalled to the Dia Pas system, in preparation for a return to Republic Shield Command in the Aecreas system when a distress signal from a freighter convoy in the neutral Vivianas system under Imperial attack was received. Part of Republic Shield task force led by the wounded Star Destroyer Prometheus in preventing the slaughter of civilians in the Vivianas system. Arrived to take part in the counterattack against Imperial forces attacking civilian craft, but was unable to prevent the entire convoy from being destroyed. Local Vivianas defence forces joined with Republic Shield forces in striking back, destroying the Dreadnaught Vibraxo, the Carrack Cruiser Tantis, the modified corvette Evian, and the accompanying Imperial starfighter forces. (R2F701)

    Travelled ahead with Republic Shield task force to the base in the Aecreas system, while the Prometheus remained in the Vivianas system for repairs from the thankful Vivianas governor. Departed with Republic Shield task force, with the Prometheus acting as escort, to the Tricea system, where the task force led by the vessel moved onto the planet New Trassk, leaving the Prometheus to return to the Aecreas system. (R2F702)

    Tracked by Imperial reconnaissance force, led by the Modified Frigate Strider, and was soon to be victim of an Imperial ambush. However, the following Imperial forces were detected, and Republic Shield reinforcements from the nearby New Trassk Base were called in to deal with the Imperial threat to prevent giving away any outgoing hyperspace vectors which could be traced by the Imperial forces. Waited for Republic Shield reinforcements to arrive, and then battled the Imperial task force, aiding in the destruction of most of the task force, and forcing the Modified Frigate Strider to withdraw from the engagement with serious hull damage. (IBG208)

    Arrived at the rendezvous point for Republic Shield forces before heading out into the Desdemona Sector to investigate reports of missing warships. Head of Sentinel task force. Reinforced the Star Destroyer Prometheus’s forces at the rendezvous point, repulsing the Imperial invaders led by the Modified Frigate Pronota. (R2F800)

    Arrived near a volcanic planet with asteroid ring (#95) to reinforce Republic Shield forces escorting a vital supply convoy which had become ambushed by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Predator. Led Republic Shield forces in bolstering the defence of the convoy, as well as striking at the Imperial task force, specifically the Interdictor Shadow Hawk, which was forced to withdraw. The withdrawal of the Interdictor allowed the convoy to escape to hyperspace, which in turn caused the remaining Imperial forces to abandon the assault and depart from the combat zone. The arrival of the Super Star Destroyer Blade prevented any thoughts of an immediate retaliatory strike on the departed Imperial forces, and the Super Star Destroyer’s mere presence was sufficient to drive the vessel and its accompanying forces from the combat zone. (IBG503)


    Behind the Scenes

    This ship is borrowed from Official Continuity. It was captured at the Battle of Endor, and was eventually transferred out to the Greeop Sector for a time, and has since returned back to the New Republic Defence Fleet proper in preparation for its scheduled demise in the Battle of Coruscant. Also, the ship’s appearance in IBG208 was retrospectively replaced by the Logistics Office with that of the Star Destroyer Prometheus, as the Prometheus was undergoing a major refit and upgrade during those course of events.

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