Licah Fox

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Member Profile
Licah Fox
Career Information
Callsign Sheddah
Full RS Name Licah Fox
A.K.A. Fox, Licah
Rank Admiral
Join August 2001
Current Status Active
Current Station Minos Cluster
Current Offices Internet Office
Current Command Positions none
Other Current Positions Internet Officer
Past Positions of note tbd
Recruited by Juho's website
Personal Information (fictional)
Era(s) Late Imperial
Homeworld Valruudd
Species Mixed human
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 1.78 m
Weight 69.83 kg
Hair color Reddish and white
Eye color brown
Distinguishing features He's a fox!
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name not disclosed
Gender Male
Location New England
Age 26
Occupation Musician

Admiral Licah Fox, FireClaw 11, currently serves as the Rebel Squadrons Internet Officer. He devotes most of his time to working on the RS website and flying the X-Wing series flight sims. In the past, he served in a variety of roles in the Rebel Squadrons, including Fleet Commander, Chief of Staff, Fleet CO of RgF, R2F, and CO of several squadrons. He has contributed many project ideas to the club, such as Beginner's Path, MrBot, the Council of Justice, Aldermen, the Missions Database, the RS Gallery, and this wiki.

Active service

Licah is currently stationed aboard the CRS Windstorm with the rest of FireClaw Squadron, in their tour in the Greeop Sector. He spends much of his downtime on the HoloNet advising High Command.


Licah was born on Valruudd. When still a child, he first met Snappleguy, who was working as a bartender in a local town.

Character traits and personality

Licah is descended paternally from the Vulpes species, and is therefore immediately recognizable among the RS military for his uniquely fox-like features, including the reddish-brown hair on his face and hands. Due to copious shedding during the stress of battle, his personal fighters have had to be equipped with a special filtration system to create clean air.

RS career

Positions held

Behind the scenes

Licah works as a classical musician in Michigan.

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