Location Unknown (203)

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Dramatis Personae:

Mission Summary

Zealot is tasked with a rather unusual objective. During the course of the unending war against Imperial factions, unease and distrust of the ruling body has grown throughout various sectors of Republic Shield territory at an alarming rate. The resulting civil unrest has led to a number of planets nearing outright rebellion, with various acts of domestic terrorism against the already beleaguered RS forces.

In an effort to bring these troublesome worlds back into the fold, then Fleet Commander Admiral Raven makes the controversial decision to send the Zealot team into action against the rebellious governments to convince them that they need protection.

The end result is a brutal campaign of violence and destruction perpetrated by the Zealots in the guise of "The Bloody Fist", a savage band of pirates. Looting and rampaging their way through RS held space, the Zealots successfully build a reputation for themselves and seem to be excelling at their task....but in typical Zealot fashion things manage to go the way they always go.

Months pass for the Zealots without contact from their superiors despite repeated requests for further orders. Running low on critical supplies with which to continue their campaign, the Zealot team is forced to assault an RS station, where they are discovered and subsequently trapped by station security awaiting reinforcements.

The Zealots manage a daring escape, but in the process the station is destroyed, which will have untold consequences on their future.