Logistics Office

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Logistics Office
General Information
Founder(s) Unknown
Head Officer FA Michael Raven
Notable Officers David Vaughan
Historical Information
Founding Unknown
Restoration October/November 2006 (by David Vaughan)
Other Information

The Logistics Office oversees the fictional aspects of the Rebel Squadrons. The current Logistics Officer is Fleet Admiral Michael Raven. He is assisted by a team of personnel who work together to document the organisation's fictional past, work on improving the current campaigns and storylines, and help plan for the fictional future.

Logistics Projects

The office has undertaking many Logistics Projects, having completed a great many already in the initial year of the office's reopening. The primary priorities of the office are to document past campaigns and storylines, advise current mission builders, and work with campaign designers to create a unified, cohesive continuity.

Logistics has completely revamped the RS OOB, planetary holdings, and is currently guiding the unified ITOD in advancing the RS' storyline.

Members of the Logistics Office

Logistics Officer: Michael Raven