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This page will hold a listing of active projects being managed by the Logistics Office. The LO overseeing the current projects is VA David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk.

RS Historical Order of Battle

This project involves the storage of data pertaining to all of the starships (and eventually support craft) that the Rebel Squadrons has commanded or encountered in all of it's official ITODs. Links to the raw data that Adam Mieter and myself have added to the wiki can be found at David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk/Notepad/Starships.

This data is to be worked into something more ordered and viewable. Work on this has started at OOB Work. This page is what I use as my hub for organizing, sorting, and then creating "Task Forces" from the craft present during each tour. For example, OOB Work#PBF Tour 1 shows a breakdown of each faction and task force present in the tour with links to each of the task force and individual craft pages. The pages Minos Reconnaissance Force and Minos Assault Group show the basic layout of how I see task force pages to be displayed.

Logistics Members Assigned

RS Historical Tours

This project is related closely to the above project, although a lot of the work on this one can be done separately. This project involves the documentation of the fictional (and a few RL bits) data regarding past tours and missions. The "hub" for this project can be effectively found at Rebel Squadrons Storyline, as there are currently links to all of the tour pages located here. The page Vaughan/Tour locations can give you an idea of when the past ITODs occurred as well as when each of the tours were happening with relation to each other across platforms. It is slightly dated, as it ends in mid-2006, but there is a lot of data we can crunch through before we get there.

Some examples of how I would like to see the tour and mission data entered can be found at the following links:

  • Tours: PBF Tour 1 - this page is largely filled out, however storyline, mission synopses, etc. are not yet filled out. Later pages will require a lot more data and link input.
  • Missions: PBF 101 - this page is complete. It contains plot information, date, location, and task force information, mission outcome, and has a section available for pilot review. Missions PBF 102 through 201 have varying levels of completion to them.

Logstics Members Assigned

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