Lori Star

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Lori Star
Biographical information
Homeworld Telos
Date of birth (20 years old)
Family Jacob Star (father), Alice Star (mother), Amanda 'Mandi' Star (Sister)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.63 metres (5'4")
Weight 50 kilograms (110 lb)
Hair color Blonde
Eye colorHazel Brown
Distinguishing features Minor Scaring on her right hand
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Zealot and Allegience Battle Group
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Davin Kabak
Ranks 1st Lieutenant, Journeyman
Titles Miss


Private and the school of life

New Republic Academy

Jedi Academy


Born into a family of artists, Lori dreamt of travelling the Stars from an early age. During her first visit to the local cantina, Star was introduced to the game of sabacc and soon found she had a natural talent for the game. Reflecting on this later, Lori would see this as just her unconsciously tapping into the force. During one such game, she managed to win herself her ticket off the planet, a YT1300 which she promptly renamed 'Starisborn'. Little would she know that this game would lead to more than just a new ship.

Annoyed at loosing his ship, the original owner attempted to kill Star and reclaim his property. It was during the heated argument that followed, that she caught the attention of a New Republic Intelligence Agent who wrongly assumed the man was hassling a child and intervened on her behalf. Much to Loris announce. Though the annoyance soon passed and took the opportunity to discuss what had been happening in the galaxy as a whole. Upon hearing the woman talk of whom she worked for, she jumped enthusiastically at the chance to get off the planet and do something constructive with her life.

Little is known, of what happened to the ‘Starisborn’ since she left Telos. When she arrived at the Jedi Academy, it was in an unmarked Lambda class shuttle. She has however been reported as saying, that the last ship she flew ended up crashing.

Force Sensitivity:

Though Lori was brought up on tales of Jedi Knights and what they stood for; she was totally oblivious to her force sensitivity till she joined New Republic Intelligence. It was only due to a chance encounter with a Jedi, whilst on a mission, that she found out that she had potential to become a Jedi.

Though her arrival at the academy could of been timed considerably better. Her first couple of days at the academy proved that all the rumour and speculation she had heard before her departure from Intelligence were in fact either lies of half truths designed to solely keep her in Intelligence. Within a week of arriving at the temple, she managed to catch the eye of a Jedi Knight by the name of Davin Kabak, who chose her and another stundent by the name of Gavin Storm to be his apprentices.

Death and Rebirth

Lori has spent more time on the brink of death, than she cares to remember. On one such occasion she went too far and died. This is where her story would of ended, if it wasn't for the fact that her Master was as unwilling to lose another student as she was to lose a Master. From that point onwards they would both be connected, physicaly and mentaly via a force bond. How such a brush with death will affect her, only time will tell.

Psychological Profile:

A well-mannered girl with an inquisitive nature, who tends to throw as much enthusiasm into her work and learning as she does her private life. Though she has had several brushes with the the Darkside of the force and suffered the loss of her training partner/close freind, nothing seems to dampnen her youthfull pesonality for long. She leaves no doubt, in the minds of those she works with, that she knows how to get her own way when she needs too.

Gone, but by no means forgotten:

Like most things, all good things come to an end. Loris luck eventually ran out and she became one with the Force. However, shortly after her death a new face arrived at the Temple. A cousin of Loris' by the name of Jessa Radiian. A Journeyman of comparable skill and ability to Loris'.