Lucas Benoit-Stark

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Lucas Benoit-Stark
Biographical information
Homeworld Tatooine
Date of birth (25 years old)
Family Jarius Stark - Father (Deceased)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.83 metres (6')
Weight 78.20 kilograms (172.4 lbs)
Hair color Black with Dark Blue Tips
Eye colorDark Blue
Distinguishing features Dark Blue Eyes, Teenager features, Short Temper and Massive Ego.
Chronological and political information
Affiliation None. Suspect is currently brought up on charges.
Associations Unknown
Ranks Admiral (Charges may soon affect rank)
Titles Heartthrob of the RS, Chairman of the Pretty Factor
"Lucas Stark is perhaps the only pilot that flies an X-Wing as smoothly as an A-Wing."
Joshua Arands

Admiral Lucas Benoit-Stark, or IronMan, was a human male from Tatooine noted for his wit, ego, and dangerous capabilities in a snubfighter as seen in the Vanguard Era and the Outer Rim Wars Minos. He currently holds the honorary position of Zealot 9 and has served in the RS for many years.

He was once Resurrection Squadron CO, Scorpion Wing CO, RgF CO. Lead Scorpion Wing to three Renegade Fleet Campaign victories.

Recently, he flew with the RS in the SWG PA as a member of Resurrection Squadron and continues to maintain a position as one of the top pilots on Starsider in his X-wing.


"He'll either be dead by the age of twenty...or great by the age of twenty."
Rask D'Aners, Leader of the Sun Blazers

Early life

Little is known about the childhood of Lucas Benoit and most of it appears in lapses. It is believed he was born in Mos Eisley, Tatooine on a Lambda Class Shuttle in Docking Bay 89. His birth mother, an unknown woman from Coruscant, left him in the care of strangers weeks after childbirth. Days later, authorities found Lucas' mother brutally slain. Although it was speculated that his father, Jarius Stark, a Coruscant man shrouded by wealth and mysticism, was a prime suspect in the murder, there was insufficient evidence to indict him and he disappeared shortly after the homicide.

Lucas Benoit emerged in Mos Eisley at the age of twelve; his prior years completely unknown to anyone save for him. An uneducated vagabond, Benoit found a home with a small pirate faction known as the Sun Blazers. For two years, the small band caused trouble among Tatooine and Corellian space. At age fourteen, Benoit, a brash and cocky amateur pirate, earned the attention of CorSec and was apprehended by then a journeyman Rebel pilot named Michael "MacMan" McEwen.

It remains a mystery how or why Lucas Benoit joined the Rebellion, but it was this interaction with "MacMan" which led to his involvement with the Rebel Squadrons.

The Unbridled Joy of Flight

Records indicate that Lucas Benoit joined the Rebellion at sixteen years of age; however, it is speculated that he was apart of the Alliance at fourteen. Whether or not it was due to information sliced and altered for eligibility remains unknown. Lucas, assigned to Resurrection Squadron under the leadership of Cody Qel-Droma, reserved his place in history. The transition from illegally piloting smuggling ships like R-41's to X-Wings was not that different, he adapted at an alarming rate, and in a short time, he earned a reputation as a vicious X-Wing pilot. Joshua Arands, an A-Wing pilot at heart, formed a mutual friendship with Benoit, and although the two were not initially paired as such (Resurrection 7 and 5 respectively, they became wingmates who won many battles in their day. The two served as a major contrast, Arands being the orderly person, Stark being the agent of chaos. Despite notes of insubordination, Benoit also connected well with his Commanding Officer as well as Leaph Chausew, an A-Wing pilot who Lucas holds in high regard.

The squadrons (Resurrection and Sabre) became the antithesis to many Imperial factions including the 121st TIE Squadron and Lucas became the bane of the nefarious Tie Advanced Pilot, Captain Naithan Carew. Besting him on several occasions, their final encounter ended with Naithan's TIE Advanced destroyed and the Captain presumably dead.

Despite the general success of the Rebel cell, disaster struck Resurrection when Halyn Lance issued the order for the squadron to stay dormant instead of push the attack, resulting in the Imperial forces regrouping and launching a devastating counter-offensive. When the Rebel mission to overtake Naboo was a failure, Arands and Benoit confronted Halyn and Leaph outside the Rori Rebel Outpost in what turned into an aggressive and violent altercation. Shortly after, Lucas Benoit, disgusted with the bureaucracy, disappeared from the squadron and returned on several brief stints before going AWOL for good.

The Heartthrob Era

"The only reason the Empire refused to make a third Death because they knew I'd destroy it."
— Lucas Benoit-Stark

After going AWOL, IronMan, now named Lucas Benoit-Stark in honor of his adopted parents, returned as a lowly 2nd Lieutenant. During this period, he was assigned to a then fledling variant of Resurrection Squadron. The squadron started off as a band of vagabonds and lowlifes, but once Stark was given the title of Commanding Officer, it soon became a notorious squadron that wreaked havoc on its enemies. With pilots such as Cody Qel-Droma, Dave Trebonious-Astoris, and Edward Jackyll, IronMan and company won three straight campaigns versus all other squadrons of Renegade Fleet and bested Dragon Squadron as the definitive squadron of the Rebelsquadrons.

The war for the Minos Cluster set the stage for Stark's success. As the battles persisted, so did the kill sheet of the defiant pilot. In fact, his name became known not only throughout the Rebelsquadrons, but also to the Emperor's Hammer, the enemy resistance. For the length and longevity of the Minos War, the path of destruction that IronMan left grew in quality and in quantity, and the reputation and the ego as the most feared X-Wing pilot in the Rebelsquadrons grew bigger and more brazen. Many credit Lucas as the catalyst for the RS' victory. Stark refers to these three years of success as [u]The Heartthrob Era.[/u] Soon after the Rebel's victory, he was appointed Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer and played a role in the first Outer Rim Wars.

Bored with the command position, he passed the torch to another capable pilot and retired as an Admiral sometime after the first Outer Rim Wars. The act was found peculiar to many since he was at such a young age when he departed.

Fall From Grace

The relationship between the now retired Lucas Benoit-Stark and the Rebel Squadrons became strain, particularly with Aurora Force Commanding Officer, Indiana Bridger as well as her cousin, Tag Rendar. In fact, some of the Jedi Council claimed that Lucas Stark might be power hungry since his massive ego was prevalent in all things.

The sabotage of Dalsuna Losoda, Stark's former XO of Scorpion Wing and Tag's wife, led to a domino effect of catastrophes. Somehow, Dalsuna or SirKnight as most knew him, feigned a defection to the Empire but actually shot Stark in the leg to sell the act. This earned the rage of the pilot who hunted the man down, shooting down four X-Wing pilots in defense and assaulting the "defector" in retaliation.

In the assault, SirKnight revealed the act was staged, and that Stark's actions actually compromised the mission. Upon hearing this, Tag Rendar and Indiana Bridger filed formal charges including:

Treason Conspiring Against the New Republic Assault on a New Republic Officer

Stark was detained for his actions at the Quis Rebel Base on Xenen. Days later, Stark disappeared, last seen with Sildrin Rys-Hastur, a rumored Krath Priestess.

Nine months after his disappearance, Stark emerged under the custody of the New Republic, battered and near death. He received medical care under the instruction of General Patrick Blastfire before being incarcerated for seven months. Under the instruction of Cody Qel-Droma and liaison officer Oval Mirce, Stark was sent to the Unforgiven to serve under Cody's command as Zealot Nine. His actions remain heavily supervised and closely monitored.

Personality and Traits

"I trust IronMan a lot socially and totally as a wingman of course, but I can’t say I understand him."
— Leaph Chausew

Although no one knows why he is known as IronMan, his sharp wit and endurance offer some explanations.

Stark trusts very few people; however, once that trust is established, the complexity of that friendship rises distinctly.

Stark's temperament resembles that of a firecracker, easy to set off once the fuse is lit. Once upset, there's no discrimination to lessen the blow towards the recipient of his wrath, male or female. A vindictive soul, he has been known to hit women, undermine authoritative figures, and even be as brash as daring to denounce people who are physically and mentally powerful than him.

His ego, is by far, his most noted trait. He firmly believes there is no better pilot than him, although a certain collective come close. In addition, he feels that once exposed to a certain skill, he can not only perform that skill, but also surpass the teacher of that talent. One would think this repulses people, which it does, but on the contrary, it also attracts people, much to his chagrin. It is part of the reason why he is known as the Heartthrob of the RS. He possesses a magnetic personality that arouses intrigue and fascination by the most disgusted of women. Add that to his youthful and dashing looks, it makes for a dangerous combination.

As of late, he has voiced his opinion on the "corruption and downfall of the New Republic" and points out its favoritism to marketable figures such as Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu. In addition, he hates being called by his first name.

Suffers from insomnia.


Married to Raada Seru, a smuggler from Thyferra and a Jedi Padawan who seems to be the only person immune to Stark's wrath.

Powers and Abilities

"People talk about the Force like it's this wondrous gift. I'm doin' fine without it."
— Lucas Benoit-Stark

Jedi Master, Patrick Blastfire, along with many others has claimed that Lucas is indeed Force Sensitive. Because of this, he attracts unwanted attention from friend and foe alike.

Stark vehemently denies this claim, chalking up his survival tendencies to sheer skill and not of some all powerful presence. No one can confirm or deny these claims, but there are definite oddities about him. A brawler and a dirty fighter by all means, Stark has a high threshold for physical pain as well as an unusual lack of scarring, wounds, blemishes or bruises despite being reportedly injured on many cases. He also has a penchant for escaping catastrophe with his quick wits. Although lacking in book smarts, Stark is a versatile person whose quick wits exploit weaknesses.

Not educated in any sense, he is a gifted pilot and an expert strategist when it comes to space superiority combat. He also adapts to most if not all snubfighters and shows almost the same level of comfort and skill as he would in an X-Wing.

Trivial Trivia

  • One of the few pilots who never broke double digits in losses in the Minos Conflict.
  • Out of character, in XvT, he went 380 days without a defeat before retiring in March 7th, 2000.
  • His preferred ship (contrary to popular belief) is the R-41 Starchaser and not the infamous X-Wing used in the Minos Conflict.
  • Shares family ties out of wedlock with Trystan Kel-Solan.
  • Was set to be the choice of Sildrin Rys-Hastur out of an arranged marriage.
  • Seems to be at war with the Bridger and Rendar family.
  • Currently is responsible for the most saves in combat (Vanguard Fleet).
  • Once defeated a pilot flying in a Tie Defender with an R-41 Starchaser.
  • Most of his best friends actually were Imperial pilots at some point in time.(Yacko, Kessler, Rich to name a few).
  • Although lacking any desire or knowledge of the fore, he is a very adept with the lightsaber and defeated Patrick Blastfire on several occasions.
  • Caused a pilot to break the yoke of his flight stick in mid-combat.
  • Owes a lot to former Resurrection pilot Mad Jackyl for his dedication.
  • Part of the deadly wingman tandem with pilot Joshua Arands.