Lyccos system

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The Lyccosian star, Veriats, is a rapidly expanding red giant and shows signs that it is in the waning millennia of its existence.

When colonization of this system and the others in the Minos Cluster was initiated by the Empire about 75 years ago, two remaining planets were identified in the system, Lyccos I and Lyccos II. Each of these have apparently had their entire ecologies and terrains completely overturned during the past 10,000 years as searing heat and radiation relentlessly continues to expand through the system with the Veriats' corona. Even now, Lyccos I is slowly moving towards Veriats and has been deemed unfit for living.

Within one to two thousand years, Lyccos II is expected to share the same fate and be engulfed by the star. Until then, limited colonization has taken place on the planet to exploit any remaining natural resources and to allow archaeologists time to research its lost civilization.


Orbit One

Orbit One