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The Mod Map Offline Competition (or MMOC) is an event where members download and play maps created by fans of a particular Star Wars based FPS game, such as Battlefront. Scores are submitted by taking screen shots of the score page, and emailing them to the CD Command Staff. The winner is determined by most victory points (or if tied, most kills, then most command posts, and finally least deaths), and awards are also given to players with the highest commando score (VP*kills)/(20+deaths). Often, there is also a Master Sniper competition with each map, where the players must play as a sniper/sharpshooter and the winner is determined by kills+headshots.


The MMOC concept was created by Super as a way to allow all members of our FPS group to participate offline in competitions, whether they can play online or not. He was inspired by the huge number of available mod maps for Battlefront on various websites. The MMOC concept can be extended to any FPS games that have a substantial fan base who are creating good quality mod maps for their game.


Rules can be found on the forums. MMOC 3.1 Rules